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Merry Pugmas 2017!!!

Hello Everyone!


Wishing you all Happy Holidays this year from me and Sid!

Preparing for the Holidays

In order to get fully prepared for the holidays, Sid has been extending his afternoon naps by 45 mins for the past two weeks.


This extra rest will help fuel the madness that occurs when he is in the presence of wrapped Christmas presents and holiday snacks (especially those that have dropped to the floor). I think he’s on to something here!

The Little Details

By now, you probably all know what Sid looks like from a distance.


But today, I wanted to show some of the little pug details up close. Let’s start with his front paws. Sid has really long quicks, so his nails tend to be on the longer side since they can’t be trimmed very close.


Here’s his extra puffy tail (in uncurled mode). If you look closely you can even see a clump of loose fur sitting on top of his back. Yep, all that was just from a few butt scratches. Pugs are never-ceasing shedding machines.


And finally, here is one of his teeny back paws, one of my favorite parts. It’s amazing to me how those tiny little paws can support a pug’s body. Although I suppose around 80% of the pug’s weight distribution is up front, so those back paws don’t have to hold too much weight relatively speaking.


Oh, and one of my other favorite parts you can see in the photo above — THE SQUISHY ROLLS!!!

Feeling Thankful

Hey everyone! I’m sorry that Sid and I haven’t posted much this month. November just flew by!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got stuffed on good food last weekend. Sid and I took a trip out to the suburbs to hang with my family during the long weekend.

As would be expected, Sid was a huge help in the kitchen. He made sure the floor stayed immaculately clean!


We took a nice walk in the forest preserve with my mom and her newly-adopted Havenese, Peaches!


Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a good picture of Sid and Peaches together, but they teamed up to make sure every square inch of the forest was thoroughly sniffed.



We also got to spend some time with my two nieces. They are huge fans of Sid and the feeling appeared to be mutual.



He doesn’t roll over for a belly rub for just anybody!


We had a relaxing time escaping the city for a bit and spending time with family and eating some tasty food. Hope your Thanksgiving was the same!


That Time of the Year

This past Friday, while we were just sitting around minding our own business, this happened:


I think Sid figured out something was up when I had to pull his box of winter clothes down from the closet shelf. Sorry, buddy, but it’s time to break out the fleece.


Boy, that was one quick autumn! Anyone else got any snow already?

Fresh From the Garden


This year, Sid’s costume required me to break out my (limited) sewing and assembly skills. And while putting it together, I knew he was probably worried about what I was going to transform him into this year.


Well, here you go…freshly-picked from our garden to you:


Although Sid seemed pretty comfortable in the outfit (one of his favorite treats are baby carrots), after a few pictures he was done: “Ok, I’m outta here, weirdo”.


We hope you have a fantastic Halloween and get ALL OF THE TREATS!

Running with the Turkeys

Earlier in the month, Sid and I went camping yet again. I know, it seems we can’t get enough of it this year! This time our destination was Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. Joining us along for the adventure was Sid’s grandma (my Mom).


The last time we were all at Turkey Run was two years ago, again right around Sid’s Birthday, and we stayed in a rustic camping cabin. This year, since the weather was so ideal, we opted for the tent experience. Lucky for us, it was warm and sunny the whole time.


After we got our campsite set up, and Sid took inventory of our firewood supplies, we hit some of the lovely trails within the park.


Sid may be twelve years old but he’s still pretty athletic (at least when he chooses to be).

We enjoyed just sitting around and relaxing at our campsite. It was really quiet and serene and the smell and cracking and of the campfire put us at ease.


We hit up a couple trails the next day as well since that is one of the highlights of this lovely state park. And once again Sid showed us what an adventurer he is.


Well, until he decided to take a break mid-hike. I guess I couldn’t blame him as I was a bit tired by then, too!


On our last day, Sid was reluctant to get out of bed.


I guess he had overdone it a bit on previous hikes and was not in the mood to walk anymore. So I came up with a solution:


Sid was super snug and comfortable in the backpack. At one point he even dozed off and started snoring! On the trails that day we saw dozens of tiny frogs. They would dive into the water as soon as you’d get close, but I did manage to get close enough to this guy for a photo op before he took off.


After the last trail, we had a picnic lunch and then it was time to pack up the tent, the camping supplies, and the pug – and head back to the city!