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Fresh From the Garden


This year, Sid’s costume required me to break out my (limited) sewing and assembly skills. And while putting it together, I knew he was probably worried about what I was going to transform him into this year.


Well, here you go…freshly-picked from our garden to you:


Although Sid seemed pretty comfortable in the outfit (one of his favorite treats are baby carrots), after a few pictures he was done: “Ok, I’m outta here, weirdo”.


We hope you have a fantastic Halloween and get ALL OF THE TREATS!

Treat or Treat

Hi everyone!

It’s Sid here today. I can’t believe October is already and its end! What happened?!

I mean first it was my Birthday, and then my dad’s Birthday, and then all the leaves started falling down.


And now it’s Halloween today and I didn’t even get a chance to pull together a costume! Time to recycle one of my old ones…


So I guess I’m a turtle…but…with two heads? Confusing, I know.


Best not to think too much about it and instead focus on the TREATS.



Happy Friday everyone! OHMYGOSH, I have a crazy story to share with you today.

So my Dad just got back from an African safari and he got to see an actual lion in the wild!


He said this lion was very tiny, but had a stocky body and a flat-face. He said it was very pug-like!


Even though the lion looked fierce, he said this one was actually really chilled-out, and even let my Dad rub his belly. I can’t believe lions like belly rubs just like us pugs do! Pretty crazy, right?

Treats? Yes, please!

Hey there all you lovely-looking Pug Slopers!

Sid here today. I really hope you all had a great Halloween and hauled in loads of treats. I sure did!


I forgot to mention that the weekend BEFORE Halloween, I got to attend a HOWL-O-WEEN pet parade and costume contest just up the street from the Pug Slope H.Q. It was pretty awesome.

As you guys already know by now, I was dressed up as “Bruce Pugsteen” this year. I was getting the thumbs up from all the people gathered there for the parade. I mean, check this out:


“Sit tight, take hold, Thunder Rooooad!”

I’ve got pipes, what can I say.

Anywho, there were tons of pooches and humans in really cool costumes. There was a Boston with THREE HEADS!!!


Does that mean he gets THREE DINNERS each day?! I sure hope so. He was getting double-takes from both humans and other dogs. There was also a dog elaborately dressed up as a Bonsai tree.


I ran into another pug who, along with her friend, was dressed up like a Mariachi! Ole! I have no idea how their hats stayed on all day. Superglue perhaps.


Although I didn’t win any prizes during the contest portion, I had a fun time parading around with the other costumed pups and collecting free treats all day. I gotta start planning my costume for next year…


Dancing in the Bark

The Boss

Sid, I mean “Bruce Pugsteen”, wants me to remind you that you can double-click this image to enlarge it. You know, in case you want a poster-sized version to hang up in your bedroom.

Hope you all have a fantastic Halloween! Per Sid, make sure you opt for “TREAT” rather than “TRICK”!

Hallowhere’s Ma Treatz?

Halloween is just a big tease. Humans everywhere, especially the tiny ones that poke at your eyes and try to grab your tail are practically DROWNING in treats. But what have I got? Just a photo of myself in a costume that’s a bit too snug in certain areas (memo to self: have Dad let out waist of Halloween costume).

My Dad brought home this gigantic bag of Monster Munch. I mean the stuff sounds amazing, right? Plus it’s made of potatoes which I’m pretty sure I can eat. However, he ate the ENTIRE BAG HIMSELF! I didn’t get to try even ONE FLIPPIN’ MUNCH!

This is outrageous.

Since it’s been raining all day today, I thought it’d be the perfect day to stage a Poop Strike. What’s a Poop Strike you ask? Oh, why it’s only the BEST WAY TO GET BACK AT YOUR HUMAN FOR SWINDLING YOU OUT OF YOUR FAIR SHARE OF MONSTER MUNCH. I’m going to make sure it’s raining hard when we go out for our evening walk. And then we’ll walk and walk and walk some more. By this point my Dad will be SOAKED TO THE BONE. And guess what I’m NOT going to do? Yep. Poop. It’s the sure way to drive a human bonkers. If any of you other pugs out there got the shaft this Halloween I suggest you do the same. And if you DID get TONS OF TREATS, maybe you could, you know, mail me some? Pretty please?

Halloween Recap!

Sid was a shark.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking.  Does a shark hoodie that Sid already wears all the time really count as a Halloween costume?  Shouldn’t Brian and I, two seemingly creative people with endless time on our hands, be able to put together something a little more special?  Pug Vigoda, say?  Or Pugs Moleman?  Or Pugs Moleman dressed as Bart Simpson?

Well, what if we told you there was a matching PENGUIN in the house?

And what if we told you that Penguin’s name was TIMOTHY BUTTONS?!

That’s right.  A few weeks ago, we discovered that Timothy has a Penguin hoodie made by the same brand that makes Sid’s shark’s hoodie.  When fate presents you with a perfect marine-based halloween theme for your pug and his girlfriend, a theme which requires no output of money or effort, you listen to fate:

True, penguins and sharks don’t exactly get along in the wild:

File photo illustrating the universally-feared Great White Shark’s feelings of mild annoyance toward the universally-loved Emperor Penguin.

But Sid and Timothy used this opportunity to present an alternate reality – an aquatic utopia in which penguin and shark coexist harmoniously, like the yin and the yang of the sea:

In this utopia, when the shark licks the penguin, the penguin licks him right back:

In this utopia, sharks and penguins spend their evenings slow-dancing to the operatic wailing of the humpback whale:

In this utopia, sharks and penguins have mutually-beneficial, symbiotic goals; by working together to conquer the humans, the shark hopes to gain control of the treat supply while the penguin hopes to gain a better vantage point from which she can lick sharks:

But just when our aquatic utopia was becoming a reality, Sid overheard a small child on the street say “TRICK OR TREAT.” It was then that Sid put two and two together and realized that today was THE DAY when all of our neighbors were HANDING OUT TREATS.  FOR FREE.  And all that you needed to do to get these treats was WEAR A COSTUME.

The flap-flip of stubborn indignation was immediately deployed:

To be continued…