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Wordless Wednesday: Opera Edition



I have a travelled many light years to reach your planet. I come in search of treats.




Home Alone

The lack of recent posts is due to the fact that I was out of town for bit. While Sid was stuck at home, I was on the West Coast to visit some friends in Los Angeles and Oakland. This trip provided a welcome departure from the endless days of below-zero windchill temps that were bombarding the midwest and keeping Sid and I cooped up like hermits.

When I crashed through the apartment door, with my suitcase and carry-on bag flailing behind me, I expected to be bowled over by an ecstatic pug, overjoyed that his master had finally returned. Well, this was the “Welcome Home” face I was greeted with:

I think Sid may have actually been rotating his head slowly back and forth, muttering “tsk tsk tsk” under his breath. In other words, I was presented with the infamous PUG GUILT TRIP. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this move. Sid claimed that during the past week he received NO TREATS, NO BELLY-RUBS, and was subjected to EPIC WALKS through various snowstorms and blizzards without even a meager confidence shirt to protect him from the elements. Well (for once) I actually knew better as I had been in communication with his pug-sitters the whole time I was gone. He even got DOUBLE DINNER one night! COME ON! Talk about SPOILED!

I was really happy to see him, though, so I played along with his story and gave him a bunch of baby carrots and chest rubs. Whatever works, right?

Pug Seeks Partner in Crime

Hi Everyone!

Sid reporting here today.

Winter hit us full swing this week and it’s been absolutely frigid outside. My Pop has been keeping the duration of my walks to a minimum, which I’m cool with because it means I get my post-walk treat that much sooner.

But being cooped up inside can drive a pug a little stir crazy. I’ve already completely emptied out my toy box, checked to make sure the fridge door wasn’t left open (twice), barked wildly at the garbage truck in the alley, rubbed my face on all the piles of clean clothes or pillows I could find, tried to hike my bed through my legs, and killed about six squeakers. I’m running out of ideas, people.

Anyone wanna come over and play squirrel fetch?


Well, the 2-day bear-hunt has ended on a good note. Thank you for all your well wishes during the exhaustive search.

Things got confusing mid-way through the hunt because Sid actually has THREE bears. The one he was looking for is the one in the middle (confusing, right?!):

Sid was very relieved to find this particular bear. It had taken him months of chewing it, soaking it with saliva, and patiently allowing it to dry out in order to get this little bear to its state of “crusty perfection”.

In a show of his appreciation for my role in the search party, Sid was kind enough to pick up all his toys off the floor and put them back into his toy basket.

Ok, I lied. I did that part.

In reality, this is what he did immediately after I had put away all his toys:

(Yes, the little turd is LAUGHING IN MY FACE!)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I Protest

I hope you guys remembered to turn your clocks forward yesterday!

Sid was rather perturbed when he discovered that one whole hour of his precious naptime had been whisked away right under his nose.

I tried to negotiate with him and offered him a few BC’s (Baby Carrots) to make up for the lost hour but he said that my offer was unacceptable (he did still eat the carrots though).

He told me that he’s going to protest this stolen hour by sleeping the ENTIRE day today – aside from the standard meal and poop breaks. I’m not sure how this differs from his normal daily activities, but I told him I’d support him in his cause.

Care to join Sid in protest by sleeping all day?