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A Funny Feeling

Hey Slope-o-philes!

Sid here today closing out this week. I hope everyone has something fun going on this weekend!

So guys, the other day on my walk I got this peculiar feeling. A feeling like I was being watched.


Has that ever happened to you? And I don’t mean that usual weird feeling of your human watching you while you poop. I’d already instructed my dad long ago to look away while I do my business so I can have a little privacy. This was something different.

I don’t know, I just had this funny feeling of eyes peering at me. I just can’t figure out why. Hmm…


P.S. How do you like my NEW MASTHEAD?! It has been a while since I changed it and I had such a fun day at the beach last Friday I thought I’d use a picture from that adventure. I hope you like it!

Back to the Beach

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Friday was perfect pug weather – sunny, but with a refreshing cool breeze. I got done with work a little early, so in the afternoon Sid and I ventured east to the lake.


Sid must have smelled the sand and surf because as soon as we got a block away he started getting really frisky and started pulling me down the sidewalk which is out of character for him.


Our first glimpse of Lake Michigan occurred at our usual spot, Foster Beach. But the water level was much higher than normal and the entire “dog beach” section of the beach was under water! You see, the area BEHIND the fence is where the dog beach is normally found.


Sid was still just as excited to play in the sand on the outskirts of the dog beach as he would have on the proper dog beach. He had a riot romping up and down the little dunes.


We then headed north along the concrete retaining wall. A few huge waves crashed right near us spraying us with mist – Sid could not conceal his excitement.



If you’ve been following Pug Slope for a while, you know bodies of water of any size – from tiny puddles to massive lakes – have a mesmerizing effect on Sid. He kept intently staring at the waves bobbing and rolling as we strolled along the edge of the walkway.


Soon, we reached the next beach, Osterman Beach.


Sid had a great time running through the larger sand dunes where the grass met the sand. He was channeling his inner-puppy. I had a hard time keeping up with him!


We had so much fun and plan to get to the beach more this summer!

Twist and Shout

Get on your dancing shoes, everyone!

It’s time to TWIST & SHOUT! Sid said he’ll take care of the twist part.

Here he goes…


Nice job Sid!

Now it’s your turn to SHOUT, BARK, or maybe just sneeze really loudly…


Hi there everyone! Sid reporting today.

Don’t worry folks, I didn’t actually get sprayed by a skunk; I just smelled like I had been sprayed. Directly and repeatedly. I guess weeks of skipping my usual scrub-down had left me with that dreaded “wet dog” smell, even when I was completely dry. In my experience, you are more likely to be showered with treats and belly rubs when you are fluffy and smell like coconuts than when you look greasy and smell like an old sock. My dad and I both agreed it was time for a bath.


As you can see, I’m usually not very pleased when I first get put in the tub. But once the warm water starts flowing and the suds start bubbling up, I get very relaxed. I might even start purring. But my energy starts to get a boost during rinse-off, and once the towel comes out I’m a full-blown maniac. My legs operate independently and at different speeds. I think it might have something to do with that fact that after I’m dried off I get bombarded with treats (My dad just said “Well, DUH!”).


Fluff and Fold

Over the past couple weeks I had let the dirty laundry build up to unprecedented heights. You know things are bad when you resort to the mismatched pair of socks with the stretched-out elastic from the back corner of your sock drawer. I needed some serious help so I recruited my trusty pug pal for some much-needed assistance.

Sid was surprisingly willing to help. There wasn’t the usual pre-task negotiation of how many baby carrots he’d receive upon completion of the task. He even maintained constant eye contact while I gave him the rundown of his duties.


Immediately after he received the instructions he rested his head on the edge of the laundry basket and just stared at the pile of clothes. I guess he had realized that it would be difficult to wash and fold mass quantities of laundry without thumbs. He also had forgotten to go to the bank to get a roll of quarters for the machines.


I told him not to worry about it and that I just appreciated the fact that he’d offered to help. I let him know that I’d handle the washing and folding of the clothes if he could do what he is best-suited for: lay on the piles of warm folded clothes and make sure each one receives a healthy replenishment of pug hair. He gave me a high-five and said he was up for the challenge. We make a great team!