Snow-Plowing Pug

The snow that had been dumped on us from the post-Christmas blizzard was starting to look pretty nasty, so last week, when we were lucky enough to get a nice cover of fresh snow, we decided it would be a good time to take Sid out and start him on a new vocation – snow plowing.

Sid stands proudly in Prospect Park

The blizzard a week earlier was so bad that it took 4 days for our street to be plowed – we required a backup plan. This being Sid’s first winter with snow, we took the little guy to the park to gave him an opportunity to hone his skill.

Sid and Jenn walking in Prospect Park

We found a nice patch of fresh snow, and he quickly got to work. He tried barking at first, but that didn’t phase the snow. Then he started to do a little digging to loosen up the snow (i.e., he smelled some petrified hot dog remnant and was frantically trying to uproot it).

Sid digs in the snow

He then lowered his muzzle and engaged the legs. The plowing had begun!

Sid starts snow plowing

Not only was he able to clear a nice pathway with his flat face, but he was even able to tow a human (Jenn) at the same time.

Sid plows with Jenn in tow

Who's walking who?

So the next time Park Slope gets hit with a massive amount of snow, and the streets are left unplowed, you know who to call.

Call Sid to get the job done

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