Hot Potato

Sid seemed a tad bored with his current toy selection and it was making him restless. It seemed like he was searching for something new – and clearly he didn’t find it at the bottom of his toy bin.

After his insane enjoyment from the Hide-A-Squirrel toy (which he still is crazy about) we ordered a bunch of other puzzle toys from Amazon and figured we’d distribute them whenever Sid looked like he was in need of a pick-me-up.

One of the toys we ordered was from the Kyjen “Egg Babies” series – we got the Platypus.

The puzzle aspect of this toys stems from the fact that the platypus is stuffed with three plush “eggs” that the dog is supposed to pull out from inside the Platypus. Since the eggs look more like your garden variety baked potato, we refer to them as potatoes.

Sid thought the platypus was okay, but he’s madly in love with the potatoes. He can’t even decide which one is his favorite.

His favorite current activity starts with him bringing a potato onto the couch and chewing it dangerously close to the edge of the cushion (on purpose of course). As soon as he looses his grip, the potato slips out onto the floor at which point Sid proceeds to shoot after it like a madman. He then repeats this process about a dozen times. He’s almost taken down our TV trays on occasion. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some video documentation of this hilarity at some point.

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