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Since Sid was born and raised in Southern California, he has never seen snow.  So, of course, our first snowfall of our first winter in Park Slope was a blizzard.


Our neighborhood was slammed with over two feet of snow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know what all of you Upstate / Mid-western folks with your “lake-effect” snow storms are thinking.  But regardless of whether or not you think we’re wimps, our neighborhood went from “Dry as the Sahara” to “Arctic Expedition” in about 36 hours.  I’ve got photographic evidence to prove it:

December 25th:

December 27th:

That’s a lot of snow!

We had no idea how Sid would react to the snow; he hates the rain and he refuses to walk though puddles, so we were pretty much expecting the worse.  Also, we were advised that he should wear these rubber balloons on his feet to protect him from all of the salt that’s being tossed about on the sidewalks.


Considering that trimming Sid’s dew claws is a five day process of repeatedly sneaking up on Sid while he’s sleeping, only to have him immediately wake up, notice the nail clippers in your hand, and then hide his paws for the next twelve hours, I was not overly optimistic about getting these tiny rubber “shoes” on his precious paws:

I mean, come on.

If there’s one thing Sid’s got going for him, though, it’s that he’s totally unpredictable.  As you can tell from the December 27th photo, the shoes made it onto Sid’s feet.  Yes, it was a two-person job, but he barely put up a fight.

And when he got outside, Sid – a dog who’ll find any excuse to avoid walking on even the sunniest of days – bounded straight into the snow with the enthusiasm of a Siberian husky.

I’m only exaggerating a little – see for yourself:

Here’s some photos of Sid living it up in the snow-covered fields of Prospect Park:

Let it snow!

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