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The Pugsitters Club

It sure has gotten cold here. Luckily, Sid makes a pretty good heat source and he’s decided that after lunch is the time to sit on my lap to keep me warm. While I appreciate the gesture (and the warmth), this happens to be the time when I’m WORKING. I’m not sure what the people on the phone make of the various snorts and grunts they surely hear in the background.

Sid’s actually got an exciting week in store as he will be under the watchful eye of his grandpugrents. I’m sure he’s going to pull out all the stops in re: his special moves to obtain treats. Most people cannot resist when a pug flashes “the pathetic look” their way, ESPECIALLY grandpugrents. We might as well say goodbye now to his waistline.

Hope you all have a great week and we’ll catch up with you soon!

Too Cool For School

I think Sid’s t-shirts give him a little TOO MUCH confidence sometimes.

Now that he’s mastered both how to ascend onto the back of the couch AND the wistful stare off into the distance combined with a rebellious sneer, he thinks he’s as cool as James Dean.

Thank goodness he doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle (yet).

Stay away, baby, I’m nothin’ but trouble.

April Showers

Well, it was a wet, rainy, blah sort of weekend here in Park Slope.  Let’s brighten things up a bit with this photo-flashback of a pre-Carl, pre-salt-and-pepper-muzzle, post-confidence-shirts, fun-fun-fun-in-the-California-sun-lovin’ Siddhartha Lamont.

Sigh.  Not really helping.  Let’s try to find a Sid photo-flashback that’s a little less “dripping with ennui.”

Ooph.  No.

Oy!  No!

Okay, maybe a video-flashback is what we need.

Wow, Sid.  I never knew Kool and the Gang could be such a downer.*

Er, maybe today we should just turn things over to you guys.  Did any of you pugs play any good April Fool’s pranks on your ‘rents?  Share ’em in the comments!  And let’s keep it cheery!!

*I know, I know, that’s like the fourth time I’ve used that video in a post – It’s my favorite Sid vid EVER and I need only the flimsiest excuse to toss it up on the blog.  

Pony Time!

Yesterday some of you wondered how a “macho” pug like Sid would feel about his love for a pink horse named Derpy going public.  Well, somebody must’ve caught on to the fact that his private musings were being shared with the world.  Apparently Sid’s Journal is now VERY well hidden.  I can’t find it anywhere, but I’m not giving up.

I did notice something odd, though, when I woke up this morning.  A new video was being uploaded to the PugSlope YouTube account with the title “Sid the Pug and Derpy Pony.”  Unfortunately I couldn’t view it while it was uploading, so while Brian took Sid out for his morning walk, I shuffled through the papers on my desk to see if I could find any clues as to its content.  I found the following note:

I finally find my one true toy-mate and all they post on my blog is a stupid photo of me with my tongue hanging out? I let them record twenty-two minutes of footage the other night while I was playing with Derpy.  It was great stuff!  Golden!  Why has nobody edited that footage down into a short video that captures the essence of Derpy’s awesome awesomeness and my awesome manliness? Mom went to film school, for Pete’s sake!  Do I have to do everything around here?  Geesh!

“Okay, Focus, Sid.” Thanks, Derpy. (Hahaha, like Derpy can talk!)

First things first: Find appropriate song. Catchy but not too obvious.  Also not too stupid. Nothing stupid.  Like, when I told Timothy about Derpy she started singing that Ginuwine song “Come on and let’s do it, ride it, my pony,” which is apparently one of those songs that pugs her age dance to in the clubs and I don’t want to be associated with such frivolity because it’s dumb and Derpy deserves better, like something timeless and classic that speaks to the long road ahead of us and I know there’s that song about Wild Horses by those Rolling Stones guys who Mom plays all the time and I know everybody says I’ve only just met Derpy but sometimes I truly feel in my heart about Derpy the way that song makes me feel in my heart when I hear it.  But, that feeling I feel when I hear that song is a bittersweet longing for a future in which Derpy and I never part, a future that is impossible to attain because all things in this world must someday end, and thus the knowledge of that inevitable end must cloud the happiness of the now like the thin layer of gritty smog between my hometown of Los Angeles and the bring, blue sky, and that’s not how I want people to feel when they see the video of me and Derpy because I want them to only feel the joy and the excitement of our love as it exists today, not the unavoidable heartbreak that resides in the future.  Ah!  Here we go: an obscure Chubby Checker track called “Pony Time” that sounds exactly like “The Twist.”  Done and done. 

Step two: Edit the video so it goes really well with the music.  DUH.

Step three:  Step three should be “eat treats” but those bozos are still sleeping.  WHY IS NOBODY FEEDING ME??????  

Intriguing, right?!  And, guess what?!  The video’s finally online:


Fluffball Friday!

As an antidote to the gray drizzle of this January day, here’s a photo of Sid on a bright summer morning, frolicking in the Long Meadow with what appears to be an animate ball of fluff:

Have a good weekend, everybody!

The World is Sid’s Bolster XI

Okay, Sid, we get it.*  You LOVE potatoes, you LOVE your new gigantic duck, you LOVE using unconventional items as bolsters, and you LOVED hanging out with Payton.  Now stop being so absurdly cute so your dad and I can get some work done!

*I swear on the integrity of this blog that we humans played no part in arranging the toys in this photo.  This was all Sid’s doing.  

Ain’t Nothin’ Better…