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Pug in the City – Carry On My Wayward Pug

Hey everybody!  Part Two of Sid’s Manhattan adventure starts NOW:

So, Sid survived the subway, and after meeting up with Grammy Grace, Uncle Jay and Auntie Chiho in Washington Square Park, we made our way over to the West Village.

We were looking for a place to brunch, but stumbled onto a street fair / farmer’s market – dangerous territory for a food-crazy pug.

Luckily, we were able to get a table at a great wood-fired pizza place with outdoor seating before Sid noticed any of discarded churros or abandoned squash blossoms that lined the pavement around the farmer’s market.  We were seated right near the sidewalk so all the passersby could see that this was the place where the cool pugs eat.


After the meal, Sid was ready for a nap, but there was still more fun to be had!  Back to Washington Square!

Manhattan can be exhausting.  Some tired tourists make their way through central park in a horse-drawn carriage.  Others rest their aching feet in the back of a pedicab en route to a Broadway show.

Sid gets carried around Greenwich Village by his mother.


It’s okay, though, because he needed the rest.  See, he met a new friend out on the street, and his friend told him about this “spot at the bottom of the square where all the small dogs get their ya-yas out, and it’s real hush-hush, ya’see, but if you’re cool and speak their lingo, you might just find yourself havin’ a real good time – a real good time, if you catch my drift.  ‘Cause these small dogs aren’t like you Brooklyn small dogs.  These small dogs live in Manhattan, the island of opportunity, the island of down is up and up is down and who’s walkin’ who?  That’s right, Mom and Dad, I’m walkin’ you.  These small dogs eat treats for breakfast, and treats for lunch, and treats for snacks in between breakfast and lunch – and for dinner?  MORE TREATS.  So if you play your cards right and do what I do, you might just get a taste of what we’re cookin’ out here, but just a taste, my flat-faced friend, ’cause IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.”

Pug in the City – Sid’s Subway Spectacular!

So, we’ve finally wittled down the ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY PHOTOS we took of Sid’s Manhattan adventure into a slightly-more-managable three-part photo essay entitled “Pug in the City.”

Today we present part one – Sid’s Subway Spectacular!

One last Brooklyn smile for the camera before Sid hops into his Sherpa bag and heads downstairs into the 7th Ave station!


Sid gets carried deeper into the abyss.




Sittin’ in a bag on Daddy’s lap, playin’ it cool on the F train.


We made it to Manhattan!

“Hey!  I’m walkin’ here!”


We met up with Grammy Grace, Uncle Jay, and Auntie Chiho in Washington Square Park.


Sid just wanted to keep hangin’ out inside of on top of his bag, as if there was someplace else he wanted to go.


“Forget Carnegie Hall. How do I get to Carnegie Deli?”

Guess Who Got a New Collar?!

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Urban Hounds and the prize was an accessory from P-Dawg Accessories. Since Sid already has a few bandanas from his Aunt Erin, we opted for a nice new collar.

Erika over at P-Dawg was so helpful and directed us to her fabrics that would work best for the collar. We ordered a bright green fabric with little circles that remind me of tiny cheerios (I think that’s also why Sid approved of the fabric choice). Even though P-Dawg features accessories designed for bulldogs, Erika makes everything by hand and has no trouble scaling down the accessories to “pug-size”.

Within a couple days Erika emailed us that the collar was finished. She sure is a whiz to be able to create a collar by hand in such a short amount of time!

Not only did the new collar arrive quickly, it also had a very cute little personalized note for our flat-faced wonder that featured a photo of Erika’s bulldog, Pippa-Lou.

Here’s a better view of the collar itself and the brightly-colored fabric.

And here’s our little dude sporting the new look for spring!

Thank you so much Urban Hounds and Erika @ P-Dawg Accessories!!!

If You See Something, Say Something

This weekend, Sid got to go on a super-special-day-trip that involved going OVER a CANAL, UNDER a RIVER, and ONTO an ISLAND! It also involved some of his human relatives and some other pugs that he had never met before. So, did you you figure out where he went yet?!

As usual, Sid had to ride in style – in his bright red Sherpa travel bag, of course!

Be sure to tune in later this week for all the exciting details of his travels!

May the Force be with You!

Okay, so the other day this tiny box arrived at the main command outpost of PLANET COOL SID (Hey, guys.  It’s Jenn.  He means the Pug Slope Headquarters.  Sigh…) and the tiny box was all like, “You!  Yeah, you!  I’m talkin’ to YOU, flat face!  I’m not gonna let you sniff around on top of the space food preparation unit (he’s referring to the kitchen island…) anymore because I’m a tiny box and I’M GOING TO TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE,” and I was all like, “Oh, yeah?  OH YEAH? Let me show YOU who’s boss!” and then there was an EPIC SPACE BATTLE in which I was Han Solo and the tiny box was Pizza the Hut (Jenn again…I tried explaining to him that Star Wars and Spaceballs are not the same movie… ) and I made my mom videotape it with her iPad, but then when I wanted to put it on YouTube she was all like, “Come on, Sid, I gotta do work work work on my laptop right now.  I don’t have time for this silliness,” and I was all like, “But I’ll give you a back rub” (…???!?!…) and then she was all like, “No, don’t worry about it.  Just make sure you eat these treats because putting videos on YouTube is much harder work than the work that your daddy and I do.  We love you SO MUCH and just want to make sure you are NEVER EVER EVER HUNGRY,” and I was all like, “Thanks, Mom,” and then I put the video up on YouTube:

‘Cause Pugs Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Run!

“The Boss” had to be carried home from the park that day…

Flap-flip Friday!

Today’s marvelous flap-flip celebrates the arrival of Sid’s new friend, Carla!  Carla’s cousin Carlos checked in this morning, too, but he must be camera-shy or something.  He’s hiding on the inside of Sid’s muzzle flap, right above Carla, the extrovert. Apparently the recently-evicted Carl sent post cards home to his entire extended family, and now they’re all eager to vacation on Sid’s face.  Can you blame them?  Look at that mug!