Sharp-dressed Pug

We live in an age of dressed-down comfort.  Between business casual offices and the acceptability of wearing yoga pants as pants-pants, there just aren’t many opportunities to don fancy attire in today’s world.  Consequently, Sid’s favorite bow-tie has been collecting dust in his wardrobe closet for quite some time.

In fact, the last time Sid donned his bow-tie was for a gate-jumpin’ photo shoot back in California.

Yeah, that’s right.  Sid doesn’t let his athletic pursuits compromise his debonair sense of style.

But that was over two years ago!

Well, lucky for Sid, a bow-tie-worthy occasion arose this evening, and what’dya know?  The ol’ black tie still fits!


But where was Sid going that warranted such formal attire?  Hmm…Could it have anything to do with one of these little ladies?  We’re dying to find out!

We let Sid borrow the camera for the night, and as soon as we get those photos developed we’re posting them straight to the blog…


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9 Responses to “Sharp-dressed Pug”

  1. avatar Michelle Says:

    Great Post! Sid was the most handsome guy at the bar last night! See you Saturday.


  2. avatar Oisín Says:

    Oh Sid you do look very daper in your bow tie.


  3. avatar cr8zy4Sid Says:

    Oh what a handsome little fella! <3

  4. avatar Minnie Moo Says:


    You are incredibly handsome. I’m blushing. Well I would blush if I wasn’t such an Alpha. I’d probably just tackle you in person. That gate jumping photo is amazing. Lincoln can jump like that. Not me. I’m more devious, I find different ways to get over the gate.

    Keep up the good looks!


    Minnie Moo

  5. avatar Payton Says:

    HI SID! Oh, *whisper* I mean, hi Sid. Sorry, it might be too early for that much excitement after your big night out. You are quite the athlete and GQ model! I have to say though that after your comments to get me flowers, I’m a bit jealous of you hanging out with all the ladies. I should have known that such a catch as you would be playing the field… Oh, well. I can’t wait to see your pictures from last night!

  6. avatar Suzy Says:

    Very handsome, Sid! The puggy ladies are gonna go cray-cray over you! xoxo

  7. avatar Noodles Says:

    Oh Sid,
    I am so enamored of you in that bow tie. So classy so Cary Grant!
    (My mom mentioned him. . . I don’t know who the PUG he is!
    Love Noodles

  8. avatar Mochi Says:

    Mochi here…
    Sid I wouldn’t mind being in your PUGarem. You look so handsome with your bow tie.
    Marshmallow wants to know if you went out with LOVELY Lola? And wants to know if she smells as lovely as she looks.


  9. avatar Myko the Pug Says:

    I am having a hard time handling the cuteness. Sid, you are just ridiculously handsome. I am in SF, but my pug friend Lola (aka Bean) lives in Park Slope, she is pretty cute. Maybe you should just hit up the park next time wearing your bow tie and watch the ladies line up.

    Pug Love,
    Myko in SF

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