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The Moving Blues

Hi everyone!  Sorry we’ve been absent this week – we’ve been moving to our new apartment. We’re officially residing at the new Pug Slope Headquarters but, unfortunately, living amongst stacks of boxes and bins has got Sid down in the dumps.


Sid says he’s sorry he hasn’t been able to comment on all your blogs – he’s been busy making sure everything gets set up at the new apartment to his standards. Although we will have to respectfully disagree with his proposal to store his treats on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sid Picks – Day 3

Okay, guys, this one’s gonna be quick ’cause my Timothy Buttons is chillin’ in the other room and she gets all grumpy when I don’t give her enough attention, even though today’s Sid Pick’s are all about HER and how she’s the APPLE of my EYE, which, by the way, is the best thing you could EVER call someone because apples are the best tasting fruit, and eyes are the things that allow you to see apples, so DUH, that means she, she – omgIambeingdistractedbyanactualapple–




(Hey, guys – Jenn here.  I took a break from packing and found Sid munching on an mysteriously obtained apple, and T-Buttz typing away on the laptop, creating a PLANET PRETTY TIMOTHY masthead…

…I swear, you turn your back for one second…)

Okay, guys, Mom says I can’t let Timothy distract me with apples or use the Photoshop until I get today’s Sid Picks up on the blog, so here we go:

First up, there’s Timothy’s first appearance on Pug Slope.  This was before she was my girlfriend, when I secretly hoped and wished she’d be my girlfriend but worried she wouldn’t want to date me since she was all tough and I’m more cool than tough.

Then there’s this post from the first time she came over to my house and we made a really awesome video.

Then there’s this post where we went swimming in the bathtub together and then we went to the park and it was awesome.

I love her.

Sid Picks – Day 2

Okay, guys, so yesterday’s special post was all about how cool I am, and I think we all agree that I am indeed very cool.  But, just in case there’s still any doubters out there, here’s one more photo of me being cool:


Today’s favorite posts are all about something ELSE that’s cool, and the cool thing that I’m referring to is TUPPERWARE.

First, we have OPERATION TUPPERWARE, or, as I like to call it, OPERATION SID’S NOT STUPID.  My parents think they’re all slick because they set up a secret camera to spy on me when they leave the house, but little do they know that I’M TOTALLY AWARE OF THE CAMERA because in addition to being cool, I’m also always around and I can totally see what they’re doing and hear what they’re talking about, so, DUH, of course I know I’m being filmed.  DUHHHH!  And like some stupid camera is going to stop me from checking out the Tupperware shelf.  COME ON!

I mean, normally when they’re filming me, they WANT me to do something awesome like herd the Tupperware.  Like, in this post, when I scaled the Tupperware shelves like a sherpa. (Did you know that a sherpa isn’t just a bag/house for traveling dogs, but also a person who helps rich and/or adventurous humans climb mountains?  IT’S TRUE!)  They don’t even try to stop me from climbing the shelves in this video, which means they totally approve of everything I ever do, EVER!

And then we have this awesome post in which I use my renegade skills for the good of society, monitoring the Tupperware stash for my oh-so-busy parents.  I picked this post because there’s something else super special about it – not to get all mushy-mushy-goo-goo, but it’s the very first time my good friend Payton commented on my blog, and Payton was up there with Tupperware in terms of coolness.  For real.

Sid’s Picks – Day 1


And all it took was me forging a letter from the Pug Slope Headquarter’s landlord saying that the rent was going up a bazillion dollars a month, and then convincing Mom and Dad to just find a new headquarters rather than negotiate with “the landlord,” and then making a deal with some guy on the Internet to rent Mom and Dad a slightly better apartment that’s only a half a bazillion dollars more than our current place, BUT MY MASTER PLAN WORKED.  Now they’re all occupied with packing all the stupid stuff in the house that you can’t even eat (WHO CARES ABOUT BOOKS?!?) into stupid empty boxes, and I AM ONCE AGAIN THE MASTER OF THE BLOG.

BEHOLD, the secret lair from which I write this post:


Serves them right.  Mom and Dad totally promised I’d get a weekly Planet Cool Sid post back when they overturned the actual PLANET COOL SID, and they totally didn’t follow through on their end of the bargain.  I did one AWESOME video, and then what?  Nothing!

But, whatever, I’m here now.  I don’t really have a lot of new stuff to say because my parents are all busy packing for this totally necessary (wink-wink) move instead of helping me do the awesome things that I normally do to get all my great blog material, so I’m gonna repost some of my favorite posts that they wrote from way back when.


(For those of you who need help with the Internet (cough, Grammy Grace, cough), you can click on “THE VERY FIRST PUG SLOPE POST EVER!!!” and it will take you to the very first Pug Slope post ever. I LOVE YOU, GRAMMY GRACE!)

Awesomely titled, “Sid is Cool,” this was the very first post my dad ever put up on the blog. I picked this post for a few reasons:

1)  I think I look pretty cool and confident in that photo.  Obviously.

2) The whole post is about how cool I am, AND I DIDN’T EVEN WRITE IT!!

3) Dad let me put a comment up there (under the secret code name “admin”) and then we got another comment FROM A VAMPIRE! (Don’t be scared, we know him)

4) Seriously, it’s called “Sid is Cool.”


Movin’ on Up!

After two years in the original Pug Slope Headquarters, Sid and the Pug Slope team are moving into a bigger (slightly), better (mildly), higher (fourth-floor walk-up), fancy-schmancy (three whole windows!) Park Slope apartment.

As you can see, Sid is over-the-moon about this news:


Brian and I are busy packing up and moving shop, so we’re keeping Sid occupied by having him curate a selection of “Pug Slope Greatest Hits.” Be sure to check in over the next two or three weeks for some of our favorite posts from our first two years.


Last weekend, I got to meet the pugrent of one of our faithful pug slope commenters, Socrates – a fellow Brooklyn-ite. Or Brooklonian. Brooklynian? Whatever.

Anyway, the reason for the meet-up was two-fold: (1) so that I could deliver the portrait of her fine gentle-pug to her, and  (2) for an in-the-fur meeting of two great philisophical minds – Socrates & Siddhartha. Here’s the portrait of Socrates:


Unfortunately, we’ll never know what forms of deeper understanding or insight Socrates and Siddhartha may have come up with because Carlos got in the way. Or was it his cousin, Carl, Jr.? Since Sid’s muzzle wart entourage are contagious (only for other dogs that have never been exposed), Socrates had to stay home this time. But his mom still wanted to meet Sid (who doesn’t, right?!).

Not only was Socrates’ mom super nice and as pug-obsessed as we are, but she was kind enough to bring a toy and some yummy treats for Sid (and for us, too!). One of these gifts in particular made Sid weak in the knees – a piece of real honest-to-goodness DEER ANTLER! What’s particularly cool about this special treat is that the antlers are something that the deer shed naturally each year, so no animals were harmed in its making!

After so many attempts to obtain human snacks from high places, Sid has developed amazing dexterity with his paws. He pretty much uses his dew claw like a thumb (I think that’s how he was able to hack our computer and take over the blog last month!). Lucky for us, that day he was only using his amazing reaching ability to position the antler for the maximum chewability angle.


After an hour of chew-time, he was knackered. But of course he wouldn’t let the antler out of his sight.

“I keep all my prized possessions under my head. And then I cry a little.”

Thank you to Socrates’ mom for such fantastic treats! Sid said he wants to move out of our place and get a two-bedroom with Socrates up in the North Slope.

Wordless Wednesday: Comfort Edition