Sid’s Baby Squirrels

In addition to Sid’s birthday cake, he also received a new toy, or rather  toys-within-a-toy. We got him a Kyjen Hide-a-Squirrel toy from a pet store in the west village called Canine Styles. This has become his favorite toy. We are putting together a video highlighting his manic technique of extracting the mini squirrels from the plush tree stump – look for that soon.

Aside from the fun derived from pulling the squirrels out of the stump, Sid also finds pleasure in carrying the baby squirrels around in his mouth and gently squeezing them. He also likes to collect them all onto his bed and then rest his head on them.

Even though Sid considers himself a “tough guy”, he isn’t afraid to show his tender side to his new baby squirrel posse.

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One Response to “Sid’s Baby Squirrels”

  1. avatar Fiedskis Says:

    Soooooooo cute! We must get one for Sweetie! I LOVE the video, and the commentary you put with it. I actually was laughing out loud at it.
    xo E

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