Play Time!

Sid is known for being a very serious dog; he’s not a tail-wagger. When he’s at the dog park, he usually takes on the policeman or bouncer role, ensuring that no dog is having too much fun. Occasionally, though, he’ll cut loose and play like a puppy. This usually happens immediately following bath time.

So here it is: Photographic evidence that Sid can actually have fun and play like a normal, well-adjusted dog.

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3 Responses to “Play Time!”

  1. avatar Jenn Says:

    Next time Sid’s in goofball mode, you’re on camera duty and I get to play.

  2. avatar Charles Says:

    the first four look more like boudior photos for some type of ‘adult’ pug mag.

  3. avatar Jenn Says:

    Yeah, perhaps we should photoshop some pants on him. I didn’t really think about that.

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