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Sid’s New Year’s Resolutions?

I found a list tucked away in Sid’s bed.  It was hard to read the paw-writing, but from what I could decipher, it read:

“Resolutions for 2011:

1. Eat more food.

2. Eat more treats.

3. Figure out how to climb to the top of the fridge where the food and treats are stored so I can eat more food and eat more treats.

4. Figure out where they hid the Tupperware.”

Happy New Year’s from Brian, Jenn and Sid!

Christmas Toy Round-up Part II

After Sid had plucked all the chickens from the coop, he was ready to move on to more dangerous critters: S-S-S-S-SNAKES!

Aunt Erin and Uncle Will got Sid a Snake in the Grass toy by Kyjen for Christmas. The puzzle-type toys really get Sid fired up and this one provided an added twist – elastic. There are four snakes inside the “grass” – 1 baby snake that is removable and 3 larger snakes that stay attached to the grass via elastic bands. So now when Sid extracts a snake, it flings around on the elastic as he hunts for the rest.

The baby snake is his favorite.

Since words can only do so much, here is another “Sid Vid” that demonstates Sid’s snake hunting destroying skills.

By the way, the music featured is Brooklyn’s own Baby Soda who I caught the other night at Bar Bès. They play really great old-time toe-tappin’ jazz.

America’s Next Top Puggle

Here at Pug Slope we like to keep our masthead up-to-date with the seasons. With all this snow on the ground, we realized it was high time to say sayōnara to the old “Sid with Fallen Leaves” image and kon’nichiwa to a new “Sid with Fallen Snow” banner.

This, of course, required a photo shoot.

As any disciple of Tyra knows, a top model must be prepared to pose in a bathing suit in the dead of winter. Luckily for Sid, we haven’t yet added a bathing suit to his pug wardrobe; we let him wear his red hoodie and his blue cape instead.

We plopped Sid on top of a snow bank so we could get some of our street’s amazing brownstones in the shot, and, I must say, the new Pug Slope banner turned out great. Don’t you agree?  You should let Brian know how much you love it in the comments section – you’ll make his day.

Here are some of our favorite outtakes from today’s shoot:

1.  The classic Tyra “smize

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Snow Pug

Since Sid was born and raised in Southern California, he has never seen snow.  So, of course, our first snowfall of our first winter in Park Slope was a blizzard.


Our neighborhood was slammed with over two feet of snow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know what all of you Upstate / Mid-western folks with your “lake-effect” snow storms are thinking.  But regardless of whether or not you think we’re wimps, our neighborhood went from “Dry as the Sahara” to “Arctic Expedition” in about 36 hours.  I’ve got photographic evidence to prove it:

December 25th:

December 27th:

That’s a lot of snow!

We had no idea how Sid would react to the snow; he hates the rain and he refuses to walk though puddles, so we were pretty much expecting the worse.  Also, we were advised that he should wear these rubber balloons on his feet to protect him from all of the salt that’s being tossed about on the sidewalks.

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Christmas Toy Round-up Part I

Sid sporting his Christmas finest

We had a great Christmas this year in NY, and despite our worries about surviving the winter weather, Christmas day actually turned out to be extremely clement (I write this as we are currently mid-blizzard – more on that in another post).

Sid ended up with two new puzzle toys that have instantly become his current favorites. One of these puzzle toys was a Martha Stewart Chicken Coop which has 3 tiny chicks that live inside of a plush house.

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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from Sid, Jenn, and Brian!


Okay, long story short: Sid’s wearing a cone around his head:

We recently weaned him off his hydrocortisone for the winter (which will be explained in a future follow-up post to my earlier allergy post), and ever since, he’s been gnawing on all four of his feet and scratching away at his poor little chin.

I’m half-convinced that all of this paw chewing is due to boredom, so I thought a “comfort cone” (or “cone of shame,” if you’re a pessimist) might help him break his current cycle of destructiveness and find some other, more productive, things to do with his time.

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