Shoo Fly

If you thought water drove Sid a little bonkers, wait until you see what happened this weekend.

Due to insanely high temperatures in NYC, we tried to stay inside as much as possible with the A/C cranked. Our apartment is super tiny so it’s not unusual for us to get a little restless – including Sid.

I was sitting at my desk when I heard Sid behind me, frantically spinning around and smacking his lips. I didn’t know what was going on until something buzzed right past me.

I don’t know how a fly got inside (all our windows are closed due to the A/C) but not only did the fly get inside the apartment, he also got inside Sid’s head. Yes, Sid tends to fixate.

It reminded me of this familiar scene from the Karate Kid:

Luckily I was able to grab my phone and record Sid’s uncanny fly-catching technique. Although he lacked the finesse that Mr. Miyagi possessed, he had twice the determination.

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4 Responses to “Shoo Fly”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Hey Sid! As cute as I thought you were in the water…that was nothing compared to this video. My mom says she could just squeeze that perfect pug face of yours! I hate flies too, but I’ve never tried to actually catch them. You are quickly becoming a master like Mr. Miyagi! I must admit that the “nail” tap at the beginning was probably my favorite. I like a good dancer. Oh, and I saw you had a green “Oscar the grouch”-like toy…that was one of my very first toys. Try to have a good week as the heat continues.

  2. avatar Socrates Says:

    Hi, Sid! Boy it’s been hot! Yeah, we’ve been cooped up too. Mom thinks it’s too hot for us flats to go outside.

    I like your move, you’re so zen, Sid. Flies are pesky, and real annoying. At our house the cat brigade takes them out for us, but the chase is always wild and furious. Maybe you can come and teach them your technique. Please contact Captain Wu-Wei.


  3. avatar Tricia Says:

    Tell Sid next time it gets crazy hot and feeling restless he’s welcome to come visit Eddie! We’ve got plenty of room, lots of toys and a very long hallway to run up and down!! This weekend we had Lola and Roxy stop on by!! See you at the park soon Sid!!

  4. avatar Brian Says:

    Hi Payton! – Your mom is welcome to squeeze Sid’s face whenever she wants (just look out for an occasional eye booger!). Sid blushed when we told him that you thought he was a good dancer. The little green toy is actually a mini frog. It’s Sid’s favorite. Well, actually he has two (somehow he can tell them apart) and we have a brand-new fresh one tucked away for when one of the two he currently has disintegrates. It actually does look more like Oscar than a frog!

    Hi Socrates! – Well, lucky for us, it seems the heat has finally broken out here. We’re jealous that you have some cat siblings to keep the house fly population in check. While Sid’s moves look impressive, the fly survived.

    Hi Tricia and Eddie! – We’re so happy it’s finally cooled off so we can all get back over to park. Sid misses the Prospect Park Pug Pack (we should make dog shirts, right!), We actually went over there the other day before work and ran into Winston! Hope to see you guys there this weekend for sure.

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