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We’ve been getting some powerful sun the past few days here at Pug Slope HQ, even first thing in the morning. It’s a nice welcome from all the rain we got earlier this month!


Sid has been getting up extra early in order to have ample time to head-butt his bed over to the most prime sunbathing spot.

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Sid and I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend. With the warmer weather around here we’ve been able to go out on nice long walks after work. It’s incredible how many flowers are out right now.


In addition to the daffodils and tulips that we saw the previous week, we now saw magnolias and all kinds of flowering trees.



Sid sniffed every one he could reach!


Matchy Matchy


Being a fashion-conscious pug, Sid always makes sure to sport seasonally-appropriate apparel. So as soon as the bright yellow daffodils start opening up, it’s time to break out his coordinating yellow bandana.

Was I Hibernating?

Hi everyone! My, you’re looking swell. It’s Sid here with you today.

Now that my back and hind leg are functioning better, I have been able to go on much longer walks. So just the other day, I was out at Winnemac Park and I noticed that the sun was shining brightly, humans were wearing shorts, jacket-less pets were running around everywhere, and even several robins were out looking for worms. It was a gorgeous day.


I got back home and casually glanced at my calendar only to find we were still in the month of February! Here, I thought I had just hibernated through February, March, and April, but in reality it has just been one of the most unseasonably-warm Februaries in Chicago that I (or my dad) can recall.

Usually February is one of the harshest months of Winter in Chicago. I mean last year most days were below zero! Does this mean people are going to start planning their tropical winter holidays to the balmy Midwest?!

Flower Power

Yesterday the sun was shining and the air was warm so Sid and I took a long post-dinner ramble through our neighborhood. We made a point to venture down some streets we’d never been on before.

We were greeted with lovely sights and smells in the form of Spring flowers.


Like bees, we bounced from flower to flower and we eventually ended up at one of my favorite parks, River Park. Sid got to go off his leash and explore on his own for a bit.


After debating which way to go he eventually led us to a lovely spot of the park filled with red and pink flowering trees.


We even found some Lilac bushes which are one of my personal favorites. I had to lift Sid up to smell them though because they are out of normal muzzle reach.


Have you had a chance to see and smell any spring flowers yet?

Signs of Spring

Hi, my wonderful friends!

The other day I was out for a stroll though a little neighborhood park in Andersonville that I frequently enjoy when I came across a very welcome sign of Spring.


My dad told me the bright brilliant flowers were crocuses, and they are usually the second sign of Spring’s approach (the first being the Robins, and they’ve already been back for a couple weeks now).


I got up really close to the flowers to smell them and then all of a sudden one was in mouth and I was chewing it.


What did you expect? You can’t fight your instincts, right?

Mmmmmmm. Spring.

Is it Spring?

Hey everyone!

It’s Sid here with you today.

I have a quick question for you: is it Spring already?


Have we already made it through the dreaded midwest winter?! I only ask because it’s been unusually warm and rainy here in Chicago for the past week.

My Dad was out on the west coast all last week so I was living it up with my fantastic pug-sitters. Let’s just say an entire bag of baby carrots was consumed by yours truly in only a week’s time. There was none of that rashioning stuff my Dad normally does. I was given baby carrots to my heart’s content!

Anyway, when my Dad returned from California I think he brought back the best souvenier ever – WARM WEATHER!


It’s been pretty grey, but at least I don’t need to cuddle up in my striped afghan.

Anyone else enjoying some unseasonable warmth?!

P.S. My good pug friend in Oakland, Bea Arthur, is having trouble with one of her eyes. She’s got to have lots of drops and has to wear a cone (poor girl!). Please send her some good pug juju if you can spare!