Pug Boot Camp

This past weekend brought with it beautiful Spring-like weather. We haven’t really had a full-on fun day at the park since the fall, and all of us have put on a little extra “padding and insulation” over the winter hibernation period – even Sid. Since Sid isn’t allowed at the YMCA, we took him through our very own Pug Boot Camp.

Sid does a down in order to obtain his plush potato

Unlike Boot Camp fitness classes for humans, which require all sorts of tension bands, weights, and mats, the only supplies needed for Pug Boot Camp are a plush russet potato, a plush bee, and proper workout apparel. Sid happens to have all of these supplies in spades.

Sid sprints with a potato in his mouth

We began the workout with some potato-in-mouth short sprints…

Sid does a down in order to obtain a bee

Sid in pursuit of the bee

Sid pounces on the unsuspecting bee

… and then moved on to some bee fetching. This skill requires deep concentration, eye-muzzle coordination, and a strong affection for plush bees. Well, at least Sid possesses that last component.

Once the bee fetching was over, we started doing some chasing, pushing his dexterity to the max and beyond. Sid was definitely blasting his quads, mastering his glutes, pushing his max, zoning in on his core, etc.

He was even able to master more advanced skills, including a power run with bee-in-mouth and ears fully extended.

Sid with his bee

He was pretty knackered after a while, but we made sure he got a proper cool-down.

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