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Pug Direct

Um, so, Sid read the blog yesterday, and now he’s all embarrassed.  Apparently I wasn’t supposed to write about his new girlfriend and their big date and how IN LURV he is.  Also, I’m supposed to tell you that we “made him” wear that bow-tie and then I’m supposed to post a photo of him dressed in his “cool” clothes.


So, now, like any teenage pug who’s been mortified by their mother, Sid is acting out.  I found him this morning trying to mail himself to Fresh Direct, our grocery delivery service, because we, apparently, don’t understand him the way Fresh Direct understands him and if he lived at Fresh Direct he could eat all the Ginger-O’s and apples in the warehouse whenever he wanted and Brian and I wouldn’t be there to say “Leave it!” or “Uh-oh!” and he probably wouldn’t even have to sit or stay or Jimmy or ANYTHING before eating ALL OF THE DELICIOUS FOOD HE COULD GET HIS PAWS ON.




Pugs and Kisses

Phew.  Now that the “hurricane” is way far away from Pug Slope Headquarters, we can finally get back to business!

As some of you (Payton) may recall, last week Sid dusted off the ol’ black tie for a mystery date.  We finally got a chance to develop the photos from his big night out, and it looks like the lucky lady was none other than the Prospect Park Pug Pack’s resident motorcycle mama, Timothy Buttons!

Sid and Timothy met for a drink at The Commonwealth, a local dog-friendly watering hole.  Unfortunately, it was really dark there, so the photos are either grainy to the point of being impressionistic, or they employ the dreaded flash.  But bear with us, I think we can still make out the events of the evening.

So, it looks as though wearing the bow-tie paid off handsomely for Sid.  As you can see from the photo above, Miss Timothy couldn’t take her eyes off of him from the moment he arrived.

Sid then ordered a bowl of the finest water on the menu, and, ever the gentleman, allowed Timothy to drink first.

Then, in an attempt to mimic the only scene of successful dog dating he knows, Sid shared the water with Timothy.  ‘Twas very romantic.

And then things, um, devolved a bit…

Once the water was consumed, it looks like Sid, well, he made his move.

Yeah, from this point on, most of the photos involve Sid licking Timothy’s face.

And Timothy licking Sid’s face.

I guess that’s what happens when you have your first date at a bar.

But, this was no one night stand.  Regardless of how “handsy” they got on their first date, Sid is absolutely smitten with Miss Timothy Buttons.

“Mom and Dad, I think I’m in LOVE!  Or, at least, I like her A LOT!”

(Thanks to Eddie’s mom Tricia for sharing some of her photos from Sid and Timothy’s big night out)


Hurricane Survivors

Irene came and went and we survived unscathed. Sid, who has a bladder of steel, didn’t even have to resort to using the wee-wee pads. I think he’s too proud.

Park Slope as a whole faired well, and there were only leaves and small branches on the ground. We actually had to hunt around a little to find the larger debris you see in the photo.

Hope all you other East Coast pugs and humans stayed safe!

Hunkering Down for Hurricane Irene

I know we’re supposed to be posting the photos from Sid’s big night out, but mother nature has insisted that we hold off on that for now.  Within a few hours, Sid’s about to experience his first hurricane!

As you can see, Sid is a very prepared pug.  He’s already holed up in his hurricane shelter crate, his treat, water, and food supplies overfloweth, froggy’s nearby, and he has a package of wee-wee pads on hand so he can take care of business inside rather than becoming the umbrella to my Mary Poppins while Miss Irene passes through Park Slope.  Hooray, weather!

Sharp-dressed Pug

We live in an age of dressed-down comfort.  Between business casual offices and the acceptability of wearing yoga pants as pants-pants, there just aren’t many opportunities to don fancy attire in today’s world.  Consequently, Sid’s favorite bow-tie has been collecting dust in his wardrobe closet for quite some time.

In fact, the last time Sid donned his bow-tie was for a gate-jumpin’ photo shoot back in California.

Yeah, that’s right.  Sid doesn’t let his athletic pursuits compromise his debonair sense of style.

But that was over two years ago!

Well, lucky for Sid, a bow-tie-worthy occasion arose this evening, and what’dya know?  The ol’ black tie still fits!


But where was Sid going that warranted such formal attire?  Hmm…Could it have anything to do with one of these little ladies?  We’re dying to find out!

We let Sid borrow the camera for the night, and as soon as we get those photos developed we’re posting them straight to the blog…



The image below represents Sid when we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to.

I can’t hear you…

On a more serious note:

Please keep Sid’s little friend Winston in your thoughts. He’s got pneumonia (in the summer!) and had to spend the last two nights at the vet’s office. We ran into his humans yesterday and they said he’s going to be on some antibiotics and should be fine soon – but, as Puglet says, he could always use some “good juju” sent his way.

Ten Minutes

How much trouble can a pug get into in ten minutes?

Ohhhh, you’d be surprised.

Does this look like the face of guilt? Well, it should.

Let me back up a bit. I was feeling a little thirsty yesterday evening, so I ran out to the corner store to grab a soda. Jenn was out of the house, so I left Sid home alone. I was gone for about ten minutes and this is what I came home to.

The destroyed package wasn’t neatly displayed on our counter, though. It was on the floor of the bedroom, and our little rug was dappled with slightly-chewed morsels of cookie and gobs of cream filling mashed into the fibers.

This was not good on many levels.

First – I don’t know how many Newman’s Ginger-O’s a pug is supposed to eat in one sitting, but this definitely seemed larger than the recommended portion size. Second – Jenn specifically bought these cookies for herself because I, Brian, have this problem where I end up eating all the cookies before she has a chance to even eat one. Well, at least that won’t be an issue this time. And Third – the cookies were stored up on shelf #4 which Sid has never gotten into before. We always kept some food/produce up there because we figured it was beyond his reach. I guess we now have to keep anything edible on the top shelf. Thanks, dude.

Luckily the local emergency vet (who probably know us by name at this point) said our little gurgitator should be ok since there were no toxic ingredients in the cookies (Thank you, Paul Newman!).

Anyway – I hope you’re happy, fatso.

P.S. Now, don’t you pugs out there reading this get any ideas! Sid did get a severe “talking to” and we may have to take away his blog commenting privileges.