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Fresh From the Garden


This year, Sid’s costume required me to break out my (limited) sewing and assembly skills. And while putting it together, I knew he was probably worried about what I was going to transform him into this year.


Well, here you go…freshly-picked from our garden to you:


Although Sid seemed pretty comfortable in the outfit (one of his favorite treats are baby carrots), after a few pictures he was done: “Ok, I’m outta here, weirdo”.


We hope you have a fantastic Halloween and get ALL OF THE TREATS!

Resolution Fail

Hi, my friends! It’s Sid with you today as my Dad has been buried under with work from his
“day job” and has been slacking at his pug-blogging duties (not to mention his pug-spoiling duties, but I’ll get to that in a minute). That’s why I gotta take charge here.


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you wonderful folks! I hope you all got to celebrate the New Year in style.

Although I normally tend to live in the moment (or just nap), I do occasionally find time for some self-reflection, goal-setting, and taking a look at the bigger picture. So on January 1st, like I imagine many of you probably did, I set up a New Year’s resolution for myself. Something very near and dear to my heart.

However, with only one week into 2016, I’m saddened to report that I have already failed at fulfilling my 2016 resolution. However, the failure was not due to my lack of diligence or dedication but in fact was due to powerful outside forces. Well, actually one force: My doofus Dad.

I mean, how I am I supposed to meet my resolution of eating one whole bag of baby carrots per week when he KEEPS THEM LOCKED AWAY IN THE FRIDGE and only gives me like TWO B.C.’s PER DAY! It’s not fair I tell you!

Did anyone else have their glorious New Year’s resolutions thwarted by their human(s)?


Hiya Pug Slopers!

Sid here with you today to close out the week. Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes! I hope every one of you was able to celebrate with me and have a baby carrot.

And SPEAKING OF BABY CARROTS, I’ve got a story for you.

So just the other day I got up to get a drink a water and when I came back to my bed, there was a package sitting there with my name on it!


It came all the way from the home of Donald and Daisy! I couldn’t contain my excitement so I started ripping open the package.


I could not believe what was inside. It sounded like this toy was designed specifically for me!


I asked my personal chef (a.k.a. Dad) to fill it up ASAP with some b.c.’s and seal it off with some peanut butter!


You can probably guess what happened next…



Thank you so much Donald and Daisy, and their parents, Tim and Christy! What a thoughtful Birthday present. I love it!



So, I was reading on the interwebs today that this Sunday some giant rabbit is supposed to come to everyone’s house and hide painted eggs that you have to find. I was also reading that rabbits are pretty much nuts about one thing: CARROTS. Because of this news I’m issuing a RED ALERT BABY CARROT LOCKDOWN for Pug Slope and all neighboring communities effective IMMEDIATELY!

Now I’ve never eaten an egg, and although they are probably awesome, I am in NO WAY letting some buck-toothed, floppy-eared carrot snatcher into Pug Slope H.Q. in order for him to “hide some eggs”. I know what that rabbit is really up to – trying to raid my hard-earned b.c. stash, man. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

I had my dad pick up some coffee and 5-hour Energy shots to keep me alert all weekend long. I’ve got my eyes on you, BUNNY!

Little Green Men, er, Man

Sid’s attempted take-over of planet Earth last week (in order to obtain “all the treats”, of course) didn’t work out as well as he had hoped. His reign only lasted about four days, at which point we were invaded (again) by little green men.

Well, actually just one little green man. With white fluffy hair.


The new leader insisted he was of the benevolent variety and would work with the creatures of Earth to set up futuristic farms for growing their species’ sole source of nourishment: baby carrots. All surplus crops would be available to the creatures of Earth.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Sid to bow to down to this new leader.


Sound Advice?

Thank you all for your positive comments and support! I actually took Sid to a brand vet on Friday and I left with a very good feeling about our visit. The vet said that Sid looked really good, his blood levels were all normal, and also to not worry about the dose of prednisone I have been using to handle Sid’s allergies as it is very low. She does not suspect a dose that low would not have any bad long-term effects, which was a huge relief for me to hear. So Sid’s back on his low dose of pred, he’s been de-coned, and (thank goodness) isn’t scratching his face off anymore.

So, in addition to taking the vet’s advice, I also took the idea that many of you had suggested in the comments and addressed Sid’s baby carrot deficiency with the following:

After the smoke that puffed out from his ears dissipated from the room, I saw the plate – now completely empty – slowly whir to a stop. And then I found Sid passed-out in this position nearby:

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and he’s already got a case of severe food coma!



Today my dad said something that my little pug brain could not understand. I tried my usual technique of tilting my cranium to the left…

And then flopping it over to the right.

I then repeated the steps a few more times, but I still could not process what he meant when he said, “We need to buy more baby carrots because we ran out.

Um, what does that mean exactly?

Or do I not want to know?