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So long, 2014!


Another year is almost behind us and, as you can see in the photo above, Sid is ready to welcome the new year. We wish everyone good health and happiness in the upcoming year. Plus lots of treats (Sid added that part). It’s been so cold here lately so we’ll probably be staying in and partying at home. Even though Sid is only 9, and thus legally underage, he insists that he should be allowed to have a taste of champagne at midnight. What do you think? Should he get a taste?

It’s That Time of Year Again


Sid and I hope everyone is having a great holiday, enjoying some time with family and friends, and eating some seriously delicious food!

Sid & Brian

Ready. Set. SHAKE!



It’s the end of the week! Time to shake it out and get ready for the weekend! I plan to follow Sid’s lead.

(These were among a few of the photos Sid’s pet sitter sent me while I was away last week. Sid had a great time with her and got as many baby carrots as his heart desired. It sure was nice to get back home and see him!)

The Blues

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. I have to admit, I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately. I think my vitamin D levels might be low or I’ve got a case of seasonal affective disorder or something. It’s been grey and rainy here, day after day, so every time I go out for my walks I end up getting wet and muddy. And to top it off, I saw my human take his suitcase out of the closet last night but I didn’t see him packing any of MY THINGS.


I think all that led to an upset tummy because I was releasing “deadly” gas last night according to my Dad. Blargh. Well, I guess after my awesome Thanksgiving that things had to balance out somehow, you know. Luckily, I’ve got my floppy monkey to help me feel better.

Any tips for picking up your spirits? I guess I am actually a bit excited for my Dad’s trip, because even though he will gone for a few days, my pug sitter is AMAZING and I usually get as many baby carrots as I like. Wait. That was supposed to be our little secret. EEP! Hopefully my Dad won’t read this post. I’ll have to go distract him by being cute and cuddly.

Working Curl

We hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving. Sid and I journeyed out to the suburbs and got to hang out with my parents for a few days. Sid had an unbelievable time. He spent most of his waking hours in the kitchen, attached to the ankles of anybody that happened to be in there.


I lost count as to the number of snacks/tid-bits/morsels he scored based solely on his proximity. Not only did he immediately snatch up anything that accidentally fell to the ground (sometimes even BEFORE it hit the ground), but he also was GIVEN pieces of food just because he was in the right place (at the feet of the food preppers) at the right time (ALL THE TIME).

Based on this experience, he told me he’s “ready for a new career”. I thought I’d at least hear him out, even though I’m still unclear what his current career actually is, or if he even has one. I mean, he seems to just sleep most of the day.

Anyway, he desires to get a job at a restaurant as a “Prep Chef Assistant”. Preferably at a restaurant that serves a lot of dishes requiring chopped baby carrots, Fuji apples, or sweet potatoes. He’d also prefer that his superior, the actual Prep Chef, not be that great at bending over to pick things up off  the kitchen floor. OK. I see where he’s going with this.


So if any of you know any job openings that would fit the bill, let us know. Sid would probably need to be paid in cash since he’s under 16 years old. Oh, also the restaurant manager would have to be ok with having a stray pug hair or two in like 99% of their dishes.

Sid’s Spot

This current cold snap hasn’t let up on Chicago and it’s due to continue over the upcoming holiday weekend.


We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope those of you in cold climates (like ours) stay nice and warm. Sid will probably be camped out at his favorite spot at Pug Slope HQ: his overstuffed bolstered bed in the sunniest room, right next to the big radiator. He’s a genius I tell ya.

Guardian the Frozen Tundra

So, guys, I woke up yesterday morning, hopped out the door for my morning walk, and check out what I saw:


Is it just Chicago or is it like this EVERYWHERE? Who let the snow out?


I actually enjoy the snow as long as it’s not too cold outside and I’m properly bundled up. Oh, and I know it looks like I’m surrounded by a field of delicious Pringles, but let me tell you THEY ARE SADLY NOT PRINGLES. They’re just yucky-tasting leaves. Yeah, I know, I thought one of my dreams had finally come true…

So, I moved on ever hopeful I might discover the motherload of frozen tasty morsels.


Unfortunately, no goodies were found. But I did get an idea for a screenplay, tentatively titled “Siddhartha Lamont: Guardian of the Frozen Tundra” which will star yours truly (naturally) and will take place in Chicago because it’s the coldest place I’ve ever lived. I’ve only got the title so far, but I’ve got a suspicion that I’m going to have PLENTY of time to work on the script while I’m cooped up indoors for the next 4 months or so.


What do you think? You think some studio will produce it? Do you think I can pull of the lead pug role? Although I’m 9, I’ve been told I can play 6 or 7. And finally, what the heck is tundra anyway?