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Thanks to the votes of his loyal friends and fans, Sid made it as a finalist in the Curly Tail Pug Rescue 2012 Calendar Contest. Thank you all for your votes!

But the contest is not over yet and the votes are still important to ensure he gets on a page in the calendar.

Here are the links to vote:

(Sid’s fur-pals, Mochi, Macho, and Marshmallow are also finalists for February and May! Congrats you guys!)

So just to remind you of how calendar-worthy Sid is, here’s some cute shots of him from this past weekend.


So, Sid has never, ever, shown any interest in fetching a stick.  Timothy, however, is a stick aficionado, and the other morning while we were at Prospect Park, something amazing happened…

Timothy found herself a comically large stick.  It’s right there, in the grass.

We began playing fetch with Timothy.  Sid, mildly confused by Timothy’s excitement, began chasing her each time we threw the stick to see what she was so excited about.

After about five throws, something clicked in Sid’s brain – there must be something delicious about that stick!

So, Sid, for the first time ever, began playing fetch with a stick.

And, in typical Sid fashion, our game of stick-fetch instantly went from “lighthearted fun” to OBSESSION.

Struggles commenced.

Hilarious struggles.

But Sid would not let go.

He wouldn’t even drop the stick so Brian could throw it again!

Had we created A MONSTER??!!

Only time will tell…

The Aviator

Sid believes he can fly.

Sid believes he can touch the sky.

He thinks about it every night and day.

He’ll spread his wings and fly away…or, at least, man the controls of one of those new-fangled flying machines like the great Amelia Pugheart and conveniently “disappear from the radar” while flying over that magical warehouse in the Bermuda Triangle where all of the treats that exist in the universe are stored.

Pug pilot cap designed by the awesome Jessica Lynne at All You Need Is Pug – her pug hats and scarves are AMAZING!

Time to Rearrange the Furniture

This is NOT GOOD.

Okay, class, let’s look at all of the ways in which this video is terrifying:

A) Brian and I are RIGHT THERE!  We’re both in the room!  For part of the video, I’m 18 inches away from him on the couch!  In fact, Sid turns around and LOOKS RIGHT AT US multiple times throughout!  At least when he was stealing our Tupperware, he respected us enough to wait until we left the apartment!

B) The apples are a whole shelf HIGHER than the shelf from which he retrieved the ginger cookies!  We keep everything breakable and edible on those two shelves specifically because we thought they were not on his radar!  Now we have to worry about our dishes?!

C) Again, we are RIGHT THERE!  Have you no shame, pug?!

(Okay, in Sid’s defense, we aren’t exactly telling him to NOT climb onto the back of the couch.  But, in our defense, can you blame us?  We need to get this ridiculousness on film, people!  If this isn’t a blog-worthy moment, I’m not sure what is!  And, to our credit, all subsequent attempts by Sid to scale the couch and/or shelves have been swiftly cut short by the proper authorities.)

Lola’s Pug Brunch

On Sunday, Lola hosted a brunch for some of the neighborhood pugs. As an added bonus, the parents of said pugs were allowed to tag along.

There was an amazing spread of food for the humans. Much to Sid’s dismay, the bagels and lox were all kept well above pug-level, but there were plenty of dog toys to go around.

Lola was there, of course, along with Timothy Buttons (Sid’s girlfriend), Eddie, and Charlie. Lola got dressed up for the occasion in her bright yellow tee.

Eddie hopped up into his dad’s arms in order to work his way closer to the out-of-pug-reach quiche.

Sid latched on to Lola’s pink plush bee toy and basically spent 80% of the party with it in his mouth like a doofus. I guess it gave him an excuse to avoid any small-talk.

Lola and Timothy got the party started by breaking out the nyla-bone and battling each other for it.

…And all the while Sid kept relocating himself, with plush bee in tow, in order to avoid the action.

After a while, the pugs caught on that they were not going to be feasting on all the brunch goodies that the humans were eating so they started to raise a stink. However, a mutiny was avoided by Lola’s mom, who had the foresight to plan ahead with – get this – SMOOTHIES FOR DOGS!

Charlie: “Smoothies?! For Dogs?! Me want-ee!”

All the ears perked up when the box was brought out the freezer, even though none of the pugs had ever eaten one before. How is it that they know food from non-food (or maybe they just assume everything is food).

Sid sat like a good boy and waited as patiently as a pug can before he was given his Smoothie.

Time to Dig In!

Timothy had a better method for eating her Smoothie.

We can’t wait for the next pug brunch!!! Thank you to Lola and her parents for putting on such a great party for human and pug alike!

I’m Your Puppet

We had a really fun weekend, including a special Prospect Park Pug Pack Brunch at Lola’s house.  We have a ton photos to sort though from the fancy pug-brunch, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about that pug-tastic event.

For now, though, let’s talk about Saturday.  On our way back from the park on Saturday morning, Sid came across a small finger puppet toy on the street. As with most items he comes across, it immediately went into his mouth. Perhaps we could’ve let Sid go to town on the toy, but this puppet was really small, to the point where it seemed like he could easily slide the street-plushie right  down the ol’ gullet. We quickly swooped in to prevent this potential calmity and placed the puppet high up on a stoop so he couldn’t get to it, but, as many of you know by now, Sid’s a determined little dude…

“Oooh, what is that!”

“It’s that thing I was trying to eat – time to extend my reachers!”

“Just…a little…(gasp)…further!”


Of course, he did end up getting the puppet into his clutches, but we were able to bargain with him, and a handful of treats later, the puppet was ours again.

CALENDAR UPDATE! Sid’s doing really well in the Curly Tail Pug Rescue 2012 Calendar competition thanks to your support! We’re hoping he at least makes it into the finals. There’s still time to vote, and the money goes to a great cause, so if you haven’t voted already please go to Curly Tail’s website and vote for Sid (August and October).

Calendar Boy

Curly Tail Pug Rescue has just posted the entries for their 2012 Pug-a-Month Calendar. Now the voting process begins.

Each vote costs $1 and of course the money goes to the rescue to benefit pugs in need.

Let’s try to get Sid on one of the months!

They split up all the entries into individual months and Sid’s been nominated for August and October (which is actually the month in which Sid and I both celebrate our birthdays!).

Some of our regular commenters – Mochi, Macho, and Mashmallow – are also in the competition (see February and May) so please cast some votes for them as well!