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Trading Places

Welcome to Chicago! Where one day when you go for a walk in the park it looks like this…


and the very next day you go to the same park and it looks like this…


Boy, was that one quick Autumn!

In an unrelated matter, anyone interested in doing an apartment swap for a couple weeks (or months)? You can come live here and experience the nonpareil joy that is a Chicago winter while Sid and I stay in your tropical beach house near the equator. I swear we’ll take good care of the place.

Hibernation Preparation

Hi everyone!

Sid here today. I’m sorry I’ve been away for a bit. I had been reading about bears and hibernation and thought I’d give it a try since the weather has started getting colder here.


I’m a champ at taking naps and thought this would be pretty easy. Well, I was only able to hibernate for about 4 hours before I started getting hungry and had to go stare at my dad and persuade him to give me a few treats. So bears go the WHOLE WINTER without eating? I don’t know how they can do it. I can barely go an afternoon! Do you guys have any hibernation tips for me?


Reds and Oranges

Sid and I hope you all had a nice Halloween and that your treat bounties were plentiful. Sid did enter the South Andersonville Neighborhood Association’s dog costume contest again this year but the weather was really lousy. It was rainy and cold so most dogs were soaking wet and shivering. I think Sid’s lion mane came in handy as it kept the water off his face and kept his head toasty! We didn’t win any of the prizes but I think Sid enjoyed parading around with the other costumed pets.

Fall is in full effect here in Chicago and despite the lousy weather on Halloween day every other day has been exceptionally gorgeous. We took a trip to a park that is about a mile away from our apartment and flanks the Chicago River. It’s the aptly named “River Park”.


I love that retro-looking sign!


Sid had a great time running through the fallen leaves and sniffing all those fragrant Autumn scents.


Although he was able to get pretty close to the river there was a fence that prevented him from taking a dip.


River Park is filled with trees of all sizes. Many of them were lovely shades of orange and red. Have the leaves started changing color where you live?


We’re going to try to get over to River Park at least once a week to see all the trees change color this month!