Birthday Boy!

Siddhartha Lamont Sanchez Demski turned five years old today!  According to this handy chart, that means he’s 37 in human years – Can you believe it?

To celebrate, Brian made a birthday cake out of Sid’s most favorite foods.  There was an apple involved, some peanut butter, and a few dried sweet potato sticks.

Sid waited patiently as Brian put the finishing touches on his birthday surprise.  And by “patiently” I mean: he was so keyed up he almost popped a vein.  Check out the manic expression in Sid’s eyes:

The finished product:

It’s a cake only a pug could love.

A birthday boy can’t eat his birthday cake without making a birthday wish:

I wonder what Sid wished for…




Of course!

And talk about instant gratification – within seconds, Sid’s birthday wish came true!

Brian, always the multi-tasker, handled the preservation of both Sid’s special moment and our carpet:

Sid devoured his “cake” in record time.

Behold, the eyes of a champion:

Happy Birthday, Sid!

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3 Responses to “Birthday Boy!”

  1. avatar Brian Says:

    Happy Birthday, Hootha!!!

  2. avatar cr8zy4Sid Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Sid!!!!

  3. avatar Fiedskis Says:

    Happy belated birthday Sid!

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