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Wordless (though definitely not silent) Wednesday

Back to the Beach – Part II

It started off as a typical Sunday afternoon. I had just finished my dinner (yeah, I eat dinner at 4:15 PM sharp) and was about to take my post-dinner nap when all of a sudden I was interrupted by my dad rummaging around in the closet. Being the curious pug that I am, I had to check out what the heck was going on.

Out flies my red travel bag. Ok – are we going flying again? Or on the subway? Then comes a big towel – oh crap, am I getting a bath today? Then my EXTRA LONG extendable leash. Wait, I have one of those? Before I knew what was going on, I was sitting at the bus stop in my travel bag.

While in on the bus, my mind was racing – I’ve never gone to the vet on the bus, we walk to Urban Pooch where I get my baths, and when I visit my grandpugrents we have to rent a car. What kind of crazy trip was I being taken on?! Well, our destination became clear as soon as I heard the seagulls squawking and the waves crashing: We were AT THE BEACH!

I hopped out of my travel and immediately sprinted to the water. The water was pretty frigid so I just dipped my toes in for a bit then laid out in the sand to soak up some sun.

My dad tried to get me to play fetch with a mini tennis ball, but since he didn’t have any treats there was no way I was going to bring it back to him (Dad still needs to read Urban Hounds instruction for how to teach a human to play fetch – TREATS ARE REQUIRED, POPS!). Instead I decided to create some “Beach Art”…what do you think?

(You might need to double-click to appreciate my masterpiece full size)

I had been frolicking around for a while at this point and the heat and sand and manic panting must have gotten to me because out of the haze I thought I saw ANOTHER PUG ON THE BEACH!

Turned out it wasn’t a mirage, but an actual little pug named Ginger. I ran over and said hi. She comes to Foster Beach pretty often so she showed me where the good spots to pee were. We sat in the shade and split a bowl of cool water (Please don’t tell T-Buttz, she’ll kill me!).

Before we left, I showed my dad my best impression of an Egyptian Sphinx:

Pretty good, right? BOL!

After all that running around, can you believe my dad and I walked the whole way back home?! He said it was because the temperature had dropped and it had become a “pleasant evening” but I just think he was too cheap to pay the $2 bus fare! I was POOPED by the time we got home.

Back to the Beach – Part I

Sid and I hope everyone had a great weekend!

The weather in Chicago was incredible this weekend, so we hopped a bus bound for the lake. Instead of heading to Montrose Beach, where we ventured a few weeks ago, we went to Foster Beach, which is smaller and thus makes keeping tabs on your frolicking pooch more manageable.

As to be expected, Sid had a blast and by the end of the day was covered in sand and panting like a maniac.

Sid told me he wanted to do a full report of the day’s events so he’ll be writing Part II for you.

Um, summer? Is that you?


Man, this past week just flew by. I blame it on the rain the AWESOME weather we’ve been having here in the lovely Pug Slope neighborhood on Planet Cool Sid.

I know I’m like allergic to all this nature and blooming stuff, but the flowers are actually so bright and colorful that it’s almost worth the extra itchiness. I was a bit bummed to find out that the flowers don’t taste as good as they look.

There’s also all these delectable new smells. My nose has been working overtime.

There are tons of new dogs out at the park that I’ve never seen or sniffed before…including MORE PUGS!

Yep. I’m ready for summer. Get me to a pool.

Wordless Wednesday: Bunnies & Bow Ties

(Thank you to my talented sister who handmade the bunny bow tie for Sid. She also was the one who made him the crocheted Easter egg toy.)

Baseball Fever

Hope you all had a relaxing FLAT PUG WEEKEND!

I know Sid mentioned in his last post that he was beat from all the activity last week. Well, today’s video will provide further explanation as to his strong desire to remain an F.P. all weekend long…

Even though Sid is quite an athletic pug (I’ve come to accept that my boy is a “jock”), I was still shocked to find him utterly obsessed with baseball. I mean, I guess it is the “American Pastime” and everything, but he’s usually not interested in playing with a ball unless it’s stuffed with peanut butter or salmon treats. Boy was I wrong!

I think if we keep up training, he may be ready for the majors some day!


After all that mixing and mingling with all the neighborhood pugs the other day, I’m pooped. I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend. I plan to lie low – like LITERALLY. This is a FLAT PUG WEEKEND.