So Happy Together

So, if you’ve been paying attention, then you know that Sid really, really, really loves his potato toys.  Yesterday we gave him a brand new yellow potato to bring on his evening walk in Prospect Park, and he held that little potato in his mouth throughout the entire 40-minute walk.  We brought along the camera so we got a lot of nice shots of Sid with his new best friend.  Here’s a few:

Cute photos, but nothing you haven’t seen before, right?  Well, I accidentally left my photo editing software open on my computer when Brian and I left for our trivia night.  When we came home, Sid was passed out at my keyboard, a notepad by his side.  The note read:

Start with photos of me walking down the street with Tater looking super cool and then zoom in to me still walking down the street with Tater in my mouth but try to crop out Mom because nobody needs to know that I need to wear a leash and I love Mom a lot but she’s not going to get between me and Tater and Mom just has to understand that I’m not a baby anymore, okay?  Then show me and Tater in the park near those wood chips that I like to rub my face into, and make sure to include that photo where Tater is hiding from me as I peek around the tree and find her, and you know what?  I’m gonna do it.  I’m gonna include the photo where I’m peeing on the tree with Tater in my mouth because THAT WAS SO AWESOME. Imagine me and you, I do, I think about you day and night, it’s only right, to think about the toy you love, and hold it tight, so happy together. I wish Mom and Dad would let me eat Honey Grahams.  But do they have that song?  Ugh, no.  I’m gonna have to buy it on iTunes.  What’s Mom’s password?  Oh, and then, after the photo of me peeing, cut to the photos where Tater and I are lying on the grass, and I get to hold Tater in my paws while I chomp chomp chomp, and then maybe some of the photos where I stand all studly with Tater in my mouth, and then the ones where Mom wants to take Tater from my mouth so she can throw it and I’m all like “nuh-uh, Mom,” and then…Hmmm, Ken Burns effect, or no Ken Burns effect?  Ken Burns effect.  Oh, man!  How do I upload to YouTube?

Well, Sid must’ve figured out how to upload, because when we went to our YouTube page, we found this:

PS:  We found this message scribbled on the other side of Sid’s notepad:

Remember to think good thoughts for Payton so that she can feel better and get excited about food and toys and other exciting things again without feeling sick because it stinks if you can’t be excited about all of the exciting things in life and Payton is cool and I miss her.  

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11 Responses to “So Happy Together”

  1. avatar Payton's Gampy Says:

    Sid, you’re my hero. Peeing on that tree with Potato was studly to the max. Your ending comments on Payton’s behalf warmed my heart!


  2. avatar Michelle + Myko Says:

    Wow Sid, not only are you tech savvy, but you sure are becoming quite the supermodel. It looks like you and Tater had a lovely evening together. Miss Payton you are in our thoughts lady (and so is your family). Stay strong, and talk your mom into those home cooked meals:)

    Pug Love

  3. avatar Urban Hounds Says:

    That is just the most awesome video, I have never heard of those Potato toys, where did you get them, they look so super fun!!!

    Urban Hounds

  4. avatar Meredith & Scarlet Says:

    That. Was. Awesome.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid!

    Wow! I’m impressed!! The video is awesome. Way to go Sid.


  6. avatar Eddie the Pug Says:

    My momma ordered me something like your tater from the link you sent her…I love them! I think they were replacement eggs from a platypus toy on Amazon.
    Sooo hope Payton is ok…she is a sweeeetheart:)

  7. avatar Payton Says:

    Sid, this post just made my day in so many ways! My mom and I are smiling from ear to ear. Meredith and Scarlet summed up that video perfectly. It is my new Pug Slope favorite! I’m sure it turned out so great because of your artistic vision. If there was a lady pug out there not in love with you, that will change after watching this masterpiece!
    PS. I miss you too! Thanks so much for all of your kind words and for caring about me. I am getting better and hope we can hang out again and be excited together while enjoying some tasty treats!

  8. avatar Melissa Langer Says:

    hi sid!
    oh my gosh!
    we are smiling from ear to ear!
    you and your potato made our day!
    so happy together!

  9. avatar BunkThePug Says:

    Sid, is that what you found embarrassing? This potato and you are so adorably happy together!!! I <3 it, don't be shy to express your love!!!!

  10. avatar Sabrina Pugtails Says:

    Your video has made my day! Thank you!

  11. avatar onecoolgriff Says:

    Sid, you are truly inspirational! A cinematic genius! Thanks for a great start to my day!

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