Christmas Recap

First of all, Happy New Year, everyone!

Christmas and New Year’s have already passed and I’m sure everyone is eager to get on with 2012 and return to normal life, but we wanted to do a quick recap of our trip with Sid to Chicago for Christmas with my side of the family.

I’m sorry, Sid – but all those presents aren’t just for you!

The three of us stayed with my sister and her husband in their amazing pug-proof house. See, they are also familiar with a food-motivated dog – their Bichon/Poodle mix named Sweetie has an appetite on par with our flat-faced wonder. Sid had met Sweetie before when we passed through Chicago on our cross country drive from California to New York. For the most part they got along well – although Sid was a bit of a jerk and commandeered all of Sweetie’s favorite toys. Luckily, Sweetie lives up to her name and was kind enough to let him chew on her prized possessions.

Sid and Sweetie teamed up anytime someone was in the kitchen. They would turn on the charm, do tricks, create distractions, basically anything they could think of to obtain a morsel of what was on the counter. We were extremely diligent in assuring that nothing fell down to their level, but that didn’t squash their optimism.

My sister’s house is very sunny and Sid quickly discovered many warm, cozy spots to lay down and relax in. In addition to taking over Sweetie’s favorite toys, he also found her favorite spot on the back couch cushion and after a few spins was soon nested in. (Sorry, Sweetie! Sid can be a turd sometimes.)

Sid received many nice toys and treats for Christmas, including a Christmas neckerchief handmade by my sister and a new plush frog toy from my parents. Almost immediately after getting the frog, one of the little legs came off. Sid forgot about the rest of the frog and carried the little lone leg around with him the whole night. He loved that little leg.

Um, Sid – you sure you want to play with just the leg?

He also got a package of his one of his all time favorite toys – plush potatoes. Yes, these seemingly simple toys are one of Sid’s favorites. His favorite game is catch and these potatoes are the perfect size for him to catch. Plus – they have a squeaker inside which he adores (and quickly destroys).

Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday. We’re hoping to get back to regular commenting and posting now that we are slowly getting back to normal life. We have a few more stories and photos from Sid’s trip, including a special “in-the-fur” meeting with one of Sid’s pug-blog pals, Payton!

P.S. Thank you all for your tips for flying with your pug – I think we used just about every single one. I’m so proud of how good Sid did! He’s a flying ace now.

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5 Responses to “Christmas Recap”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Hi Sid! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas for sure. I like all of these pictures, but especially the one with you wearing your neckerchief. I still have one of Santa’s arms from a toy I loved. Now it’s called my stoagie cause it looks like I have a big cigar in my mouth. Anyway, my mom is still rooting through pictures from the holidays too, so who knows when I’ll post next, but it will be all about Christmas for a while since we have so many stories to share. Like us meeting in the fur! That was so much fun! Happy New Year, Sid and peeps!

  2. avatar Eddie the Pug Says:

    Thanks for the update! I am hoping to meet Sid and his pawrents when I come to BK to visit my daughter and my grandpug, Stella Boo McMuffin. I will be flying in from NorCal in February. Eddie the Pug will be staying home bc he is too big to fly in the cabin carrier:(

  3. avatar kate Says:

    Sid looks like he had an awesome time. Hanging out in the kitchen is the bestest!

  4. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    Happy New Year Sid! We’re gad you had a fun trip and are looking forward to more pictures, especially with Miss P.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. avatar Socrates Says:

    Happy New Year! Sid! Sound like you had a blast!
    Thanks for answering my tweet. Can’t wait to see the report on you meet&sniff with Payton.


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