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The Puggish Invasion (Part 2)

And the tri-pug adventures continued…

Donald, Daisy, and Sid did a little gift exchange with eachother. Sid received some cool and extremely thoughtful presents – including a STUFFED BABY CARROT!

I know you’re plush, but I still plan to eat you one day.

He also got a some sweet potato treats and a super soft and warm fleece sweater that used to belong to Payton. It’ll surely keep him warm during this winter that seems like it may have a few more months to go. Thank you, Donald, Daisy, Christy, and Tim!

Sid gave Donald and Daisy each a Wigzi because he felt they were not getting enough peanut butter in their daily lives. He said that peanut butter and baby carrots are an essential component of the pug food triangle.

For some reason, the pugs got a kick out of playing on the deflated air-bed. I think it may have been the fact that Tim was sitting on it and he possesses some sort of gravitational pull that the pugs cannot resist.

Unfortunately the party couldn’t last forever. Donald and Daisy got bundled up and their ‘rents packed up all the pug accoutrements.

Sid didn’t want our special guests to leave, so he forged what he thought was a fool-proof plan…

C’mon! How did you guys find me in here?!

We had a great time with D & D and their ‘rents this past weekend. Looking forward to their next visit to the Windy City!

Sid & Christy

The Puggish Invasion (Part 1)

As prophesied by our fantastic (and possibly psychic) readers, Donald and Daisy from Pug-a-Boo (and their ‘rents, Tim and Christy) were the special guests that spent the weekend kickin’ it at Chateaux Pugslope.

Despite the predictions of a brutal snow storm, the weather stayed on our side somehow, so we couldn’t resist taking the pups to the park for a photo shoot to capture this special occasion.

Ladies first… here’s the delightful DAISY!

And here’s her partner in crime, the dapper Donald.

Let me tell you, it was tricky getting all three pugs in one photo. Even more difficult was getting them to all look in the same direction at the same time. While Sid and Donald were captivated by the baby carrots that Tim was seductively waving off-camera, Daisy wasn’t very interested. It’s been rumored that she doesn’t get out of bed unless filet mignon or higher is on the menu, so the BC’s weren’t really up to scratch. Luckily we also had some tasty venison jerky on hand, which captivated the entire gang.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, lose sight of that venison jerky!

(A squirrel breaks Donald’s concentration)

HOLD UP! Um, are you telling me I just missed the venison jerky delivery?! WTP?!

After the photo shoot and a liesurely stroll through the park, the pugs crashed, allowing us humans to hang out for a bit and partake in some treats of our own.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

How Did You Know?!

Congratulations to all the readers that guessed who the special guests staying at Pug Slope HQ this past weekend were…

It was none other than DONALD and DAISY from Pug-a-Boo, along with their ‘rents Tim and Christy (who also happen to be the ‘rents of Angel Payton). That’s Daisy on the left, Sid in the middle, and Donald on the right.

As soon as the comments starting coming in on Friday’s post, I was astonished by how many people guessed the special guests correctly. I thought I had withheld the details and kept things vague enough but either you guys used some mystical psychic pug juju or Sid hacked my email account again and published all the details on wikileaks.

The photo above doesn’t quite convey the extreme size difference of Sid compared to either Donald or Daisy. D & D are practically “pockets pugs” compared to Sid.

More details of the pug party to come later this week! Stay tuned!

Boring Week = Exciting Weekend

So my dad and I haven’t written any posts this week (other than Monday) because it’s been pretty boring over here at Pug Slope Headquarters.

I mean, we’ve just been doing our normal mundane routine – y’know walks a couple times a day, breakfast, stuffed Wigzi balls for a lunchtime snack, dinner, midnight snack if I’m so lucky, and plently of sleeping and napping.

Turns out that laying low this week was actually a good thing, though, cuz now I am totally prepared for AN EXCITING WEEKEND!

My dad hasn’t told me the whole story but he mentioned that some guests (yes, there’s an “s” on the end of that) will be crashing with us at Pug Slope HQ. And we’re not only talking human guests but also GUESTS OF THE PUG KIND. And yes, there’s an “S” on the end of that one, too!

OMP I can’t wait. It’s too bad my dad did all that cleaning last weekend, I was hoping to show off my cool “peanut-butter print” bed that I’d worked so hard on the past few months. Oh well.

So, guys, who do you think the guests could be?!

Squeaky Clean

This past weekend was The Weekend of Spring Cleaning and General Pug Maintenance.

First up – Sid’s three beds. As you have probably seen from recent photos, Sid’s beds were looking downright unruly. The worst of the bunch, his “dirty bed”, is named as such because that’s where I give him Wigzi balls and/or Kongs stuffed with PEANUT BUTTER every day for lunch.

Despite Sid’s best attempts at devouring every morsel, including the remnants of peanut butter that get mashed into the fabric, the bed was looking pretty grimy. The fabric resembled some kind of animal print, only the “spots” were really peanut butter grease stains. I actually think Sid may have preferred the bed stay in this condition – sorry dude.

Once the beds were thoroughly washed and dried at the laundromat down the street, I washed my own bedding. My outer blanket is a light brown color which hides the pug hair insanely well. This plus can also be big minus though because you never realize how much pug hair has built up until you take a very close look – yeah, it needed to be washed too.

And last but not least – the pug.

We tried something new this weekend and it turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Sunday morning I walked Sid over to Urban Pooch, a hybrid pet daycare/groomer/store which provides, among many other nifty services, self-wash stations where one can bathe one’s dog, DIY-style. While waiting for a self-wash station to open up, Sid met another pug named Maxine who was there for a nail trim. I guess technically it was a nail grind because they use a dremel to gradually file down the nails. Maxine’s mom said Maxine preferred the dremel over the clippers. Has anyone ever had their nails DREMELED?! Knowing how much Sid hates to get his dew claws trimmed perhaps dremeling might be a better option.

Anyway, a tub soon opened up and we headed to the washing room in the back. As soon as the door opened, the roaring whoosh of the air dryers overwhelmed us. Sid immediately put his jets on reverse and made a quick dash back towards the front of the store. I actually had to pick him up because he planted himself so flat that he resembled a squashed cockroach.

Once the dryers had stopped, he eased up a smidge but was still freaked out about what the heck was going on in this strange place. I plunked him into the tub, got on my vinyl smock (which came in handy!), and started hosing him down. Unlike the usual zen-like state that baths invoke upon Sid, this crazy new environment prompted a squirmfest. He did manage to finally calm down by the time I applied the conditioner though I did have to squelch numerous attempts at escape.

After I dried most of the water from Sid using the towels provided (another nice element), I thought maybe we’d try the hair dryer out. But a desperate look from Sid made me realize that was probably a bad idea. So we nixed the idea and I just gave him another going over with a towel and popped a clean t-shirt on him for the walk home.

Coconut Fresh!


When Sid’s inside at home, I usually remove his collar so he can “relax” and free himself from the daily reminder of who is in charge in our relationship (OK, who am I kidding, we all know HE is in charge). The other reason why I remove the collar is to prevent his absurd amount of neck scruff from billowing up into something resembling a Lion’s mane.

At first, I figured I was doing him a favor, as one might be embarrased by the comedic look of a ginormous neck roll, but considering the size of Sid’s ego I’m sure he thinks it makes him look like a bad-ass.

I Protest

I hope you guys remembered to turn your clocks forward yesterday!

Sid was rather perturbed when he discovered that one whole hour of his precious naptime had been whisked away right under his nose.

I tried to negotiate with him and offered him a few BC’s (Baby Carrots) to make up for the lost hour but he said that my offer was unacceptable (he did still eat the carrots though).

He told me that he’s going to protest this stolen hour by sleeping the ENTIRE day today – aside from the standard meal and poop breaks. I’m not sure how this differs from his normal daily activities, but I told him I’d support him in his cause.

Care to join Sid in protest by sleeping all day?