Your Daily Siddhartha (Days 9 and 10)

Here are two more installments of Your Daily Siddhartha, the daily video diary that our friend Adam made while Jenn and I were on a European vacation back in April of 2010 (For more backstory, please check out the post for Days 1 and 2).

These two videos showcase Sid’s range – from tough leg-kicking roustabout, to lovable deadpan scamp.

Day 9: Sid tries to look tough in front of the construction guys.

Day 10: Here’s what happens when you try to manufacture funny with Sid.

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One Response to “Your Daily Siddhartha (Days 9 and 10)”

  1. avatar Jenn Says:

    Man, Adam, deserves the YouTube equivalent of an Oscar for that video of Sid with the blanket. It’s like a master-class in cinematic restraint and the effectiveness of silence and subtlety in creating comedy. I will never not find that video to be hilarious.

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