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Pug Patrol

Look at this nerd.  He thinks he can boss around the neighborhood from our fourth-floor window.

Sid is the CHOMPion, My Friends…

And he’ll keep on CHOMPIN’ til the end!


No time for CHEWERS ’cause SID is the CHOMPion…OF THE WORLD!!


Yeah, so, uh…how YOU doin’?

Yeah, so now he just hangs out on the back of the couch without requiring a confidence shirt. And I was IN THE ROOM THE WHOLE TIME!

Sid is one bold pug (I’d say he “has balls”, but well, y’know).

What do you think he’s going to try to pull next?

Puglight: Waking Fawn

Sid just found out that Twilight is a thing, and now he thinks the best way to get the ladies is to be a sullen vampire.  SIGH.

Waiting for the Bus, or “Sid’s Trust Issues”

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sid has absolutely no faith in our promise to reward him when he does something good.  Considering the number of treats this pug gets throughout the day as rewards for doing things as minor as sitting in his bed, I have no idea how and when we lost his trust.  Was there some incident in the past when he saved a boy from a well and we totally forgot to give him a treat???  Perhaps he vacuumed up all of his pug fur one weekend and we didn’t even notice, let alone give him a carrot???  Whatever it was, now the pug can’t just patiently wait for his treat when he does something good, as you’ll see in this video of Sid waiting at the bus stop in his travel bag:

Planet Cool Sid’s Rockin’ THANK YOU

OMG YOU GUYZ I WORKED SO HARD ON IT AND IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!  I learned how to read music!  I learned how to play my Dad’s piano!  I learned how to play my tiny piano!  I learned how to play my Dad’s melodica!  I learned how to play a wood block and a drum and a cymbal!  And it was all worth it because you guys ROCK so you deserved a THANK YOU that ROCKS.

So, here is my special thank you video for all of my friends who helped refill my treat fund after my mondo vet bills and for all my friends who read the blog and for everybody who’s ever been nice to me and snuck me a treat when my parents weren’t looking.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.  THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!


From the Desk of Siddhartha Lamont

Oh, hi there, mates!  Just a quick note to say, ‘Cheerio!’  As you may notice, I’ve developed a slight British accent and a more refined manner of speech since hanging out with my half-British mate, Eddie.  Nice chap, he is.  When I started speaking in the cool way he speaks, he nicknamed me “Pugmalion.” Said the more literary-minded of you would find that right amusing, but I’ve yet to Google the reference.  I’m guessing it has to do with me being awesome.

ANYWAY.  I know it seems I may have forgotten about you this week, but please know that it’s the love and gratitude I feel for you all that has kept me away from Planet Cool Sid this week.  Yes, I’ve been holed away in my music studio, tickling the ivories, as they say, and composing my special ‘thank you’ song for all of the contributours to my treat fund.  What a rousing success that was!   I want to make sure my special ‘thank you’ video is as special as possible, and it’s really coming together quite nicely.  But, honestly, it’ll never be as NICE as the lot of you!

Toodle pip!