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I have a travelled many light years to reach your planet. I come in search of treats.





Want to be COOL LIKE SID?

In response to the heat wave that is practically turning everyone’s home into a sweat lodge, Sid and I thought we’d do something fun to take your minds off the oppressive heat.

Something cool…

That’s getting close but not quite COOL enough.

How about THIS COOL?

Whoah. I don’t  know about you but the hair on my arms just stood up.

Sid told me he wants everyone to feel as cool as he feels each and every day so he’s inviting two lucky winners to “BE COOL LIKE SID”.

The two winners will each receive a package of prizes (paw-selected by Sid himself) guaranteed to increase the coolness factor of any dog. Sorry humans, Sid considers us a lost cause.

To enter the give-away, please leave a comment on this post with your name and favorite way to keep cool during the summer.

Sid will pick the two lucky names out of his aviator hat next Friday July 26th.


Planet Cool Sid’s Guide to Living: CELEBRITIES

Okay, everybody, listen up.  This is New York City.  And in New York City, you gotta know how to be COOL around people who are famous for doing all sorts of awesome things.  These famous people are called CELEBRITIES, and when you see a celebrity, you’re gonna want to take a photo with them because it’s sooooo exciting to see a celebrity, but it’s soooo NOT COOL to ask a celebrity to take a photo with you.  Here’s how taking photos with celebrities works on PLANET COOL SID.

1.  Stumble upon a celebrity.  OMG OMG OMG LOOK MOM IT’S PUGLET FROM THE DAILY PUGLET!!!!!

 2.  Tell your parents to get the camera ready, and then nonchalantly sit as close to the celebrity as possible without actually making eye contact with the celebrity.  Can you sit under the celebrity?  Even better!

 3.   Smile for the camera!!

Ta-da!!!  Now you have a SUPER COOL photo of your and your new best friend [INSERT CELEBRITY’S NAME HERE]!  Pass it around at cocktail parties for a great conversation starter!! Post on your Facebook page to make Mr. Pickles jealous!!  Stare at intensely when your self-esteem is feeling low and daydream that you’re in an awesome buddy cop movie together!!!  IT’S SO COOL TO BE COOL!!!


OMG you guys my Moms is so EMBARRASSING.  Like, look at her!  All cuddly and smothering with her eyes all closed and I THINK SHE IS INHALING MY EAR SMELLS.  Doesn’t she know that I’m an ADULT now!  JEEZ LOUISE, MOM!

Like, it’s okay when my one true love Miss Timothy Buttons inhales my ear smells.  In fact, I wish she’d do it more often.  I inhale Timothy’s ear smells ALL THE TIME but when I ask T-Buttz to inhale my ear smells she’s always like “I’M A BUSY LADY, SIDDHARTHA” and then she goes and chases after her stupid laser pointer or something and when I REMIND her that the laser pointer ain’t gonna tuck her in at night she’s all like “I’M A 21ST CENTURY WOMAN! I CAN TUCK MYSELF IN!” and before I can say anything back she runs into the other room and burrows under a blanket so I just take a deep breath and let her have her space but then, like, fifteen minutes later, after I’ve moved on and started chewin’ on my antler, I suddenly feel her absurdly long tongue floppin’ against the side of my head and and her pretty, pretty muzzle pressed right up against my ear and then I hear her nose take a deep breath…and when she’s done inhaling my ear smells I say, “Timothy Buttons, you complete me.”

“A Timothy Buttons by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Planet Cool Sid’s Rockin’ THANK YOU

OMG YOU GUYZ I WORKED SO HARD ON IT AND IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!  I learned how to read music!  I learned how to play my Dad’s piano!  I learned how to play my tiny piano!  I learned how to play my Dad’s melodica!  I learned how to play a wood block and a drum and a cymbal!  And it was all worth it because you guys ROCK so you deserved a THANK YOU that ROCKS.

So, here is my special thank you video for all of my friends who helped refill my treat fund after my mondo vet bills and for all my friends who read the blog and for everybody who’s ever been nice to me and snuck me a treat when my parents weren’t looking.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.  THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!


From the Desk of Siddhartha Lamont

Oh, hi there, mates!  Just a quick note to say, ‘Cheerio!’  As you may notice, I’ve developed a slight British accent and a more refined manner of speech since hanging out with my half-British mate, Eddie.  Nice chap, he is.  When I started speaking in the cool way he speaks, he nicknamed me “Pugmalion.” Said the more literary-minded of you would find that right amusing, but I’ve yet to Google the reference.  I’m guessing it has to do with me being awesome.

ANYWAY.  I know it seems I may have forgotten about you this week, but please know that it’s the love and gratitude I feel for you all that has kept me away from Planet Cool Sid this week.  Yes, I’ve been holed away in my music studio, tickling the ivories, as they say, and composing my special ‘thank you’ song for all of the contributours to my treat fund.  What a rousing success that was!   I want to make sure my special ‘thank you’ video is as special as possible, and it’s really coming together quite nicely.  But, honestly, it’ll never be as NICE as the lot of you!

Toodle pip!