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Bonkers for Bolsters

Those of you that have been following Pug Slope for a while know that Sid has a thing for bolsters. He’ll use just about anything for a bolster, whether it’s a plush toy, someone’s leg, or even the edge of a laundry basket. It doesn’t matter if the object is hard or soft, small or large. If a pug’s head can be rested on it, Sid will plop his little cranium down on said object.


I was wondering why Sid was taking so long to warm up to the new fancy bed he got for his 10th Birthday this past October, but today I think he finally figured out what makes this bed so amazing and now he can’t get enough of it.


Holy big billowing bolsters, Batman! And he doesn’t even need to lay down to use them!

Let’s Get Going

Well HELLO my friends!

It’s Sid here today with you. I’m so excited that it’s Friday and the sun is shining. It’s gonna be a great weekend, I just know it! I’m ready to get outside and see (and sniff) what’s going on in this great big world.


Maybe I’ll go down to the lake, or to the River Park, or to Winnemac Park…hmmm so many options. I just gotta wait for my dad to finish up his work…


PFFFFFT! Hello, Dad?! What do I need to do to get some attention around here? The work day is done, let’s go for a walk, man!

I hope you all get up to some fun adventures this weekend!

Goin’ Bowlin’?


When Sid and I went for our morning walk the other day, we made a slight detour. I know from the photo above, with the retro lockers, space-age chair, and sparkly floor, that one might think were in a bowling alley. Unfortunately for Sid, were not going bowling but were instead going for something else that starts with the letter “B”.


So, um, like where do I rent my shoes?

The weather here for the past couple of weeks had been very wet and that, coupled with some major road and sewer construction underway in our neighborhood, had led to large swaths of mud and puddles of water the size of small lakes. Our walks took us right through the heart of this mucky territory daily. In summary: the pug was filthy.


This explains why we were not rolling strikes but were instead squeezing bottles of pug shampoo. The caked-on mud required a bit more shampoo than normal, but soon our flat-faced wonder was squeaky-clean and smelling of coconuts.

Now, Sid, don’t forget to dry off!