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Sid Picks – Day 2

Okay, guys, so yesterday’s special post was all about how cool I am, and I think we all agree that I am indeed very cool.  But, just in case there’s still any doubters out there, here’s one more photo of me being cool:


Today’s favorite posts are all about something ELSE that’s cool, and the cool thing that I’m referring to is TUPPERWARE.

First, we have OPERATION TUPPERWARE, or, as I like to call it, OPERATION SID’S NOT STUPID.  My parents think they’re all slick because they set up a secret camera to spy on me when they leave the house, but little do they know that I’M TOTALLY AWARE OF THE CAMERA because in addition to being cool, I’m also always around and I can totally see what they’re doing and hear what they’re talking about, so, DUH, of course I know I’m being filmed.  DUHHHH!  And like some stupid camera is going to stop me from checking out the Tupperware shelf.  COME ON!

I mean, normally when they’re filming me, they WANT me to do something awesome like herd the Tupperware.  Like, in this post, when I scaled the Tupperware shelves like a sherpa. (Did you know that a sherpa isn’t just a bag/house for traveling dogs, but also a person who helps rich and/or adventurous humans climb mountains?  IT’S TRUE!)  They don’t even try to stop me from climbing the shelves in this video, which means they totally approve of everything I ever do, EVER!

And then we have this awesome post in which I use my renegade skills for the good of society, monitoring the Tupperware stash for my oh-so-busy parents.  I picked this post because there’s something else super special about it – not to get all mushy-mushy-goo-goo, but it’s the very first time my good friend Payton commented on my blog, and Payton was up there with Tupperware in terms of coolness.  For real.

Time to Rearrange the Furniture

This is NOT GOOD.

Okay, class, let’s look at all of the ways in which this video is terrifying:

A) Brian and I are RIGHT THERE!  We’re both in the room!  For part of the video, I’m 18 inches away from him on the couch!  In fact, Sid turns around and LOOKS RIGHT AT US multiple times throughout!  At least when he was stealing our Tupperware, he respected us enough to wait until we left the apartment!

B) The apples are a whole shelf HIGHER than the shelf from which he retrieved the ginger cookies!  We keep everything breakable and edible on those two shelves specifically because we thought they were not on his radar!  Now we have to worry about our dishes?!

C) Again, we are RIGHT THERE!  Have you no shame, pug?!

(Okay, in Sid’s defense, we aren’t exactly telling him to NOT climb onto the back of the couch.  But, in our defense, can you blame us?  We need to get this ridiculousness on film, people!  If this isn’t a blog-worthy moment, I’m not sure what is!  And, to our credit, all subsequent attempts by Sid to scale the couch and/or shelves have been swiftly cut short by the proper authorities.)

Just Keepin’ an Eye on the Tupperware

As you’re all probably aware by now, Sid has a weakness, no – an obsession – with Tupperware. The other day he was just hanging out, “minding his own business” right next to the bookcase that houses all of said Tupperware. I know he was really casing the area for his next big score.

A thin plastic lid makes him weak in the knees. What a doofus.

Sid’s New Year’s Resolutions?

I found a list tucked away in Sid’s bed.  It was hard to read the paw-writing, but from what I could decipher, it read:

“Resolutions for 2011:

1. Eat more food.

2. Eat more treats.

3. Figure out how to climb to the top of the fridge where the food and treats are stored so I can eat more food and eat more treats.

4. Figure out where they hid the Tupperware.”

Happy New Year’s from Brian, Jenn and Sid!

Operation Tupperware

Our apartment is super small and the “kitchen” has limited storage space, so we decided to keep our clean Tupperware on a bookshelf next to the couch, behind the kitchen island that divides the main room.  The Tupperware was housed there for about a month without incident.  Then, one day, I guess the Tupperware caught Sid’s eye.

After a week of coming home to find our Tupperware strewn about the apartment, in Sid’s bed, and in our bed, we set up a webcam to record Sid when he’s home alone. We were hoping the time-lapse footage would answer questions like, “at what point does Sid decide to ransack the Tupperware shelf?” or “what else is he getting in to while we’re gone?” What we learned is that Sid can barely wait for us to leave the house before diving into mischief.  We embed video evidence for your review:

I’ll post more info on the awesome software we used to record the footage in a follow-up post.  Trust me, it’s sweet.