Poor Sid spent all day lying in bed, feeling neglected, while I typed furiously on my laptop, writing an article that I was supposed to turn in to my editor three days ago.  The broad think-piece approach to the article’s structure and my editor’s ongoing flurry of emails extolling the high expectations she had for this piece, which she seemingly felt compelled to send at a rate that rose exponentially as my deadline drew closer, caused massive writer’s block and anxiety.  Well, I finally got the dang thing done, so in celebration of overcoming my neuroses, I’m posting one of my favorite videos of Sid, shot back in California while on route to the vet for one of his many “emergencies.”  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Celebration!!”

  1. avatar Payton Says:

    Hi Sid! You are so calm in the car, wow! Although I think I saw your eye twitch to the music. You must be so well behaved because you get to ride up front (either that or you are trying really hard to be good so you won’t have to got to the vet). I keep telling my parents that if they want me to stop barking, whining, and tugging, just let me sit in the driver’s seat. Oh, well.

  2. avatar Sid Says:

    Hey, P. The key to sitting up front is to Keep it KOOL. Like KOOL AND THE GANG. I don’t get to sit up front anymore, though, because we left the car in California. I’m still waiting for an opportunity to show the parentals how KOOL I can keep it on the subway, but they said on the subway they can’t just strap a seatbelt through my harney and have me sit on the seat, people-style – apparently I’d have to sit inside a bag. A BAG!? Can you believe that???!!

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