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Green Gardens

All the trees, flowers, and plants in our neighborhood have been very happy this summer. Since the temperatures have been very mild and we’ve had plenty of thunderstorms roll though the Midwest, there’s been plenty of water and sun for all our chlorophyll-containing companions.

Look how GREEN it is here!


We’ve also been lucky in that our neighbors have been supplying us with a steady stream of fresh tomatoes from the gigantic tomato plants that have overtaken the backyard! Sid loves to eat tomatoes (as you probably would have expected)!

We hope the green-ness sticks around for at least another month!

P.S. We also hope all our friends (both human and fur varieties) in Texas are safe and sound!

Fruity Fiesta

Our haul from the grocery store this week was full of fresh fruits of all varieties and of course Sid wanted a piece, or rather several pieces, of the action.

First up, one of Sid’s staples: BLUEBERRIES!


He’s used to catching them in mid-air but was more than happy to plunge his face into a bowl of berries.


Next up, a juicy summer treat: WATERMELON!


Yep, things got messy real quick.


And finally, the sweetest fruit around: MANGO!


If this were a video, you might go deaf from the sound of slurping.


While Sid said he loves all food equally, it seemed clear that mango was the best-tasting of this bunch. Or at least the messiest!


Molten Pug

Did you know that pugs can melt? Yep, it’s true. See for yourself:


It’s not really about a certain ambient temperature that does it but rather the perfect combination of an extra-comfy bed and having just wolfed down one’s dinner.