Saturday in the Park

This Saturday proved to be the ideal fall day, so Sid and I shed the confines of our tiny apartment and set out for a stroll through Prospect Park.

After sauntering across the long meadow and nethermead, we eventually found our way to the Boat House which looked the perfect place for a pug photo shoot.

Earlier in the day, Sid had received a new toy – a plush platypus that contained three “egg babies”. The egg babies are round ball-like plush toys that look just like a small potato or a plain donut hole. Sid, having fallen in love with the potatoes, proceeded to carry one around in his mouth the entire afternoon. Even during our photo shoot, he never left it out of his sight.

Although, as usual, Sid was the main subject of the day, the amazing fall colors were impossible to resist.

Like us, many animals were also out and about, including some blue herons and plenty of turtles. Almost every log or large rock sticking out of the water had a turtle or two on top soaking in the warm rays from the sun.

Sid managed to carry his potato all the way back home and as soon as he entered the apartment, he guzzled some water, and laid down for an afternoon nap. I did the same.

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2 Responses to “Saturday in the Park”

  1. avatar jason Says:

    nice photos, brian! looking nice in prospect park.

  2. avatar Brian Says:

    Thanks, Jason! I took a lot more but had to weed down for the post. I took a bunch at the botanical gardens which was a really cool spot – especially the Japanese gardens.

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