The Sunbathing King

Has everybody taken their sunbath today?


Sid, the self-proclaimed “King of Sunbathing”, insists that a daily sunbath is essential to living the complete pug life of leisure (only eating/acquiring treats is more important). He firmly abides by the motto: “Why snore in the shadows, when you can lounge in the light?” I guess I agree with his philosophy - although my fair skin doesn’t handle direct sun exposure very well. I do love the warming effect though, especially since this Midwestern Spring keeps coming and going!

P.S. I also wanted to post a picture of some lovely pink rhododendron flowers I saw over the weekend at the Garfield Park Conservatory (sorry, Sid, pugs were not allowed). These flowers reminded me of Sid’s good pal, Payton the pug, and I’d like to dedicate them to her memory. We miss you, Payton!


Did I Do Something Wrong?

Hey guys and gals!

So, I don’t know exactly what I did wrong this week, but I think it might have been particularly bad.


Let’s see - I did not go number 1 or number 2 in the house. And I only begged my normal amount. I didn’t eat an entire Basil plant or anything else that my Dad considers off limits. And when my awesome pug-sitters came to watch me while Dad went out of town for the weekend, I didn’t lie to them and tell them I normally get three dinners.


I was a MODEL PUG. So then, why am I being PUNISHED WITH MORE SNOW?!?! Is Canada mad that I said I liked Mexico’s air better and now exacting its revenge?!?!

And to think I finally just got around to ordering some new summer Aviator shades and a bathing suit. Blarg.

My Future’s So Bright


Hey there, Slopers!

Sid here today. First, I would like to thank you all for stopping by to say hi, have a chat, and snack on some baby carrots. Second, I would like to thank Mexico for sending some of their lovely warm air our way this past weekend. It was a dramatic change from just a few days prior, when everything I know and love was still buried in ice.

Mexico, please send us more of your air any time you like (I’ll take some burritos, too). And Canada, nothing personal but WE DON’T WANT ANYMORE OF YOURS. Sorry it just wasn’t working out. It’s not you, it’s us. Oh wait, no, it’s you.

Back to my point (do I have a point?) – I realized with all this lovely sunshine I might need to acquire some shades. Any of you stylish pups have any recommendations for sunglasses? I may just opt for the classic look of a pair Ray Barks. I think they would go well with my untamed, devil-may-care image that I’ve been working on. What do you think?

Slippery When Wet


Before the much-welcomed warm front came through Chicago, Sid and I got one last opportunity for some ice skating. Well, not really skating since I don’t have any skates and we are not yet living in a world where dog skates exist (although I could be wrong about that).


So instead of skating on the ice, we just walked very slowly and zombie-like. There were a few near-wipeouts but miraculously we made it across the whole frozen field without any injuries.

Well, ice, it was nice knowin’ ya, but we’re ready for some Spring weather. See ya!

Little Blue Riding Hood


So Sid told me he wants to rewrite the story of Little Red Riding Hood with just a few minor modifications.

He’d like to change the hood color from red to navy blue. And then change the little girl to a little boy. And then change the little boy to a little pug. The whole wolf element will be removed and replaced with the visit of wealthy benevolent aunt that arrives bringing Little Red, I mean Little Blue a basket full of baby carrots. Then Little Blue and the Wealthy Benevolent Aunt will play a game of Squeaker Catch.

Do you think the Brothers Grimm would approve?

Use the Orbs, Luke!

Hi friends (both of the furry and non-furry variety)!

Sorry, I just woke up so I’m still a little groggy.


This winter has been great for napping, especially when the sun is blaring in through the windows and dad moves my bed into a sunbeam. Unfortunately though, right now it’s that awful time of day between my post-breakfast nap and lunch with no edibles in my near future.

I feel like getting a snack now. So here’s what I do…


First, you need to get those eyes nice and shiny. Think of how you’d feel if you weren’t going to get dinner that night. I know, I know – it’s a horrible thought but we need to get those tear glands working! Let your eyes get a nice even gloss to them and open them wide. Now tilt your head to one side, and direct your longing stare towards your human. The glistening orbs of a pug have been proven irresistible to humans, especially when combined with a head tilt, and the treats will soon start flowing.

Sid’s Tips: Hiding Your Valuables


Most people claim the best place to tuck away your valuables is in a heavy-duty safe or safe-deposit box at a bank. Sid believes otherwise. He suggests the best place to hide your prized possessions (your nylabone for example) is under your head. Yes, you heard him correctly.

I’ve decided to try his approach and currently have my birth certificate and passport stowed under my chin with the help of a large rubberband. I may get odd looks from passersby, but I am comforted in knowing my important items are safe.

Has anyone else tried this tip?