So, I was reading on the interwebs today that this Sunday some giant rabbit is supposed to come to everyone’s house and hide painted eggs that you have to find. I was also reading that rabbits are pretty much nuts about one thing: CARROTS. Because of this news I’m issuing a RED ALERT BABY CARROT LOCKDOWN for Pug Slope and all neighboring communities effective IMMEDIATELY!

Now I’ve never eaten an egg, and although they are probably awesome, I am in NO WAY letting some buck-toothed, floppy-eared carrot snatcher into Pug Slope H.Q. in order for him to “hide some eggs”. I know what that rabbit is really up to – trying to raid my hard-earned b.c. stash, man. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

I had my dad pick up some coffee and 5-hour Energy shots to keep me alert all weekend long. I’ve got my eyes on you, BUNNY!

Laziness Finally Pays Off

Today’s lesson: Sometimes it’s good to be lazy.

When the first flowers of Spring start popping up from the ground, my instinct to pack away the puffy coat, boots, scarves, and gloves kicks in. Sweaters are folded up and smooshed into storage bins and short-sleeved shirts and shorts make a reappearance. But this year, I was a little sidetracked with some other projects around the house and I neglected to put away any of the winter gear. Well, sure enough, the winter that wouldn’t die made a final gasp on Monday and dumped some snow (or mini hail balls?) on us. Sid had to break out the fleece again. He was not happy.


Luckily the snow didn’t stick around for too long, but now I think I’ll just leave all the winter stuff out until, oh, say June. Just in case.

Going, going, going…gone.






River Park RAMPAGE

Hi there my loyal ‘Slopers’! Sorry for taking so long to get this post up. I had all the photos ready to go but then my Dad got sick so I’ve been on call for nursing duties the last few days. The nursing just means lots of extra naps, even during the daytime! Can’t beat that, right?

Anyway, I probably built this up too much in my last post, but I did really go on an expedition this past weekend, though it might not have really been a RAMPAGE or THRILLING or TURBULENT.

My Dad and I started out on our usual after-dinner walk, but then we just kept on going! It was the first warm-ish day we’d had for many months so with a spring in our step, we strolled all the way to River Park. I know, it’s pretty much the most generic name for a park ever, but it actually is a really beautiful park the runs right along the Chicago River (which explains the name I guess).

As soon as we got there I noticed there were all these gigantic brown bean-pod things on the ground. I eat green beans from time to time so I thought they would taste the same but boy was I wrong. They were pretty disgusting, although I still tried to eat every single one I came across. I was hopeful there might be one that tasted as good as a green bean. No such luck.


Then we strolled around under the trees for a bit and took a few posed pictures. My Dad tricked me into thinking he had some baby carrots with him which is why he got me at the top of my posing game. I don’t know how I fell for that again – it’s definitely not the first time he’s pulled that move. Next time we do this I’ll be sure to make him stop by the fridge before we leave so I can WITNESS him actually putting the b.c.’s into his pockets.

Head on:




And full-body, with a three-quarter twist (one of my specialties):


We then trekked over to the river. There’s a fence that blocks direct access to the river so I wasn’t able to go for a dip, but it still was a pretty sight, especially since the sun had begun setting. I can’t wait to go back again (if the weather here ever decides to cooperate!).





Hi everyone! It’s Sid here today. I know you may think that based on the recent post by my Dad that I just lay around all day doing nothing. Well, come closer and I’ll you the truth.


Ok, that’s better, I don’t have to shout now – I’m a little out of breath.

Anyway this time I’m laying down because I just got back from a long walk THRILLING AND DANGEROUS EXPEDITION. I kid you not. Well, I suppose it wasn’t really dangerous, per se, but I live my life on the edge, people, and there’s really no telling what COULD HAVE happened. So, yeah, I’m not having another “lazy Sunday” or “lazy Monday” or whatever. Oh, and for the record, last Sunday I had to get a BATH  which is definitely not included in my definition of lazy!

I still have to process the pictures as we almost lost the camera due to UNEXPECTED AND TURBULENT CIRCUMSTANCES.

Um, ok, that last part was a pure lie. I just didn’t get a chance to go through them all yet.

Just Another Lazy Sunday

I find it hard to keep up my enthusiasm for Spring when we get taunted with nice weather only to be hit the next day with more snow. I’m not kidding — we really got more snow! Luckily, only a handful of resilient flakes survived the the warming rays of the Sunday sun.

Although it looked bright and sunny outside, the thermometer was still only registering in the teens so Sid and I just slept in (after he had his breakfast of course). I guess it’s not easy for a pug to get comfortable, as Sid tried many different positions before he finally settled down and the snoring resumed.



(I can’t get over his delicately-crossed back legs!)

Wordless Wednesday: Opera Edition