My Dear Siddy

I had been trying to prepare myself for this day for a while, but it is still so difficult and emotional.

Last Thursday I had to say goodbye to my sweet baby boy, Sid. He had been doing well on his chemotherapy treatment after an emergency surgery back in February, but last Wednesday he took a turn for the worse and spent the day at the hospital. He was not improving and there were signs that the cancer had returned and had irreparably affected his intestines. He crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully at home in his cozy bed with Robin and I holding him, giving him abundant belly rubs and kisses.

He was such a dear companion and was with me through every up and down. He was a pug of the world having traveled by car, plane, boat, bus, and train, and having lived in Los Angeles, New York, and finally Chicago. He loved treats (blueberries and baby carrots were his favorites), going for walks around the neighborhood, playing catch with his stuffed potato toys, visiting with friends, and getting belly and chest rubs (especially while laying flopped on his back). He loved belly rubs so much that he would purr with contentment while receiving them.

I miss him so deeply and will never forget my little pal.

I wish to express my deep gratitude to all the wonderful and compassionate caregivers at MedVet Chicago and Lap of Love for allowing my little guy to move on peacefully without any pain or discomfort. Thank you to Robin for being by my side physically and emotionally through all this. Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends for your support and love.

I love you so much and truly hope to see you again one day, my dear Siddy. ❤️❤️❤️

❤️ Siddhartha Lamont Demski, Oct 4, 2005 – May 2, 2019 ❤️











Sunny Days Ahead

The sun has been shining down a welcoming light in our back yard, so Sid and I have been venturing out at lunch time to soak up some much-needed rays.


I still cannot believe we were getting snow just a few weeks ago and now we’re contemplating putting in the window A/C unit!


Have you been soaking up some sun lately, too?

Pug Pancake

Even though I deep-cleaned all of Sid’s beds down at the laundromat this past weekend and returned them to a fresh-smelling fluffy state, he insists on lying on the hardwood floor like a pancake.


I understand that during the sweltering summer months the cold floor tends to provide relief from the heat but it just snowed here on Monday, so we’re nowhere near summer.


Maybe I need to try lying on the floor with him to see what I’m missing out on.


Hi everyone!

Sorry that Sid and I have been absent lately. I’ve had a few other projects going on right now so I haven’t had a chance to document the day-to-day activities of my flat-faced companion. Although since it’s still pretty dang cold out in the Midwest, our adventures have been slim to none this past month.

So Sid has been in hibernation mode.


We have been getting a surprising amount of sunny days, though, which light up our apartment and create a multitude of perfect nap spots for this hibernating pug. Ah, the good life!

Never-ending Frosty Treats

Well, folks, he’s at it again!


Oh look! More delicious frosty treats have fallen from the sky!



Leave your shovels and snow plows at home because you’re not gonna need ’em.


This, my friends, is the (adorable) face of an unapologetic snow eater.


Sid the Snowplow

Sid has decided to start his own business; a snow removal business.

Yep, you heard me correctly. Let me back up a minute and I think you’ll see why it makes perfect sense. It all started when we went outside during my lunch break to check out the freshly fallen snow.


Like usual, Sid just sniffed around, hunting for any pee-mail messages my neighbors’ dogs might have left for him in our apartment building’s back yard.


I decided to make a snow ball to see what Sid would do with it.


Well, like everything else new he encounters, he attempted to eat it.


Once he got a taste for the white fluffy treat, there was no stopping him. He quickly got to work excavating more of this delicious substance.



I tried to explain it was just regular old frozen water but I don’t think he could hear me over the crunch of the snowballs he kept devouring.



The cold didn’t seem to bother him and he was making some significant headway clearing away a path in the middle of the yard.



So now I think you understand the nature of Sid’s new business. Anyone need their driveway plowed??

If you aren’t yet convinced to hire this pug, here’s some video of Sid demonstrating his unwavering commitment to snow removal (and consumption):

Chilly Willy

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. Happy New Year from me and my dad. It’s been crazy cold here in Chicago the past two weeks so I haven’t really gone on any epic adventures or gotten into any mischief worth mentioning.


Mostly just the routine of dashing outside, bundled up to the max of course, just to do my business and then hurrying back inside for my treat.


Other than that, it’s been mostly naps. One of my beds is right next to the radiator and the sunbeams stream in through the large window and onto my back. The only thing that could possibly make that any better would be if someone would supply me an endless stream of baby carrots to snack upon while I lounge (hint, hint dad).


Oh, that photo of me relaxing is actually from Christmas, when I was at my grandpugrents house cuddling with the new stuffed elephant I got from Santa. I basically went bonkers unwrapping gifts (many not even intended for me) and so I needed a rest afterwards!

Stay warm everyone and be sure to bundle up if you’re heading outside!