Just the other day, Sid got his first taste of jicama and now he’s a full-fledged jicamaniac. Be sure to turn up your speakers for the full “crunch-o-sonic” sound experience!

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Waitin’ For a Train

Sorry we’ve been absent for a bit. Sid and I have been travelling back and forth between the city and the suburbs this past week for some activities with the family and haven’t spent much time online.

We have, however, spent a decent amount of time in transit or waiting for trains, which Sid doesn’t mind at all since he gets a the steady flow of treats while he’s in his travel bag.


Now put that tongue away so I can zip you up, dude – the train’s arriving!

Tongue-out Temperatures

We’ve had some really sunny and warm weather here in Chicago which has been lovely. And when the sun comes out, so does the tongue. Well, Sid’s tongue I mean.


So many flowers are in full bloom…


…but no time to stop for a sniff today because we’ve got to get this pug hydrated!


Back to the Pug Slope Headquarters where your pre-cooled water awaits!

Working Hard (or Hardly Working)

So, in case you were wondering, this is what happens when you delegate household chores to your pug:


I should have known this would happen when he negotiated for “treats up front”.

Oh well, live and learn.

Pugs to the Max (and Minnie)

OK, I know you’ve been just DYING TO KNOW what was on the other side of that fountain that I wrote about earlier this week.

Well, it was none other than Minnie and Max, the celebrity head-tilting pug pair, along with three-dozen or so of their flat-faced fans.


I immediately hopped over the fountain to say hi to Minnie and Max and all the other pugs. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this many curly tails in one place!


I even ran into my fellow Chicago friends Violet and Timmy! If you remember, I met them last summer on the Chicago Canine Cruise. We talked shop about manipulating our humans to get more treats and how to avoid walks when it’s raining outside.


They also informed me that Minnie and Max were in town for the Milwaukee Pug Fest. Violet and Timmy were planning to caravan up there along with them after this pug party.

When this many pugs get together there is bound to be some games of bitey-face going on!


I didn’t get an individual photo with Minnie and Max but I did get in the massive group shot. I’m near the middle leaning to one side (posing tip: it makes you look cooler when you lean to one side and stare off into the distance). Also, this represents only about HALF the pugs that attended the party.

(Photo courtesy of Minnie and Max)

I had such a crazy fun time! I was totally wiped out by the time the party wrapped up and I slept the whole train ride home. Hope to see and sniff all these lovely pug faces again soon!


The Fountain of Youth?

Hey there all you adorable denizens of Pug Slope, USA. Sid here with you today and boy do I have an adventure to tell you about!

On Saturday, my dad got me up earlier than usual and frantically gathered up all my day-trip accessories: red travel bag, portable water dish, stylish bandana, and the most important thing – treats. Before I knew it, we were on the El train rumbling our way downtown.


We arrived at this quaint little dog park in Lake Shore East Park. Not only was it filled with tons of shade-providing trees and bumpy hills with fake turf but there was a magnificent stone water fountain right in the middle of the dog park!


As you know, I’m totally obsessed with water, so I just HAD to check this thing out up close.


After pouring into the main reservoir, the water flowed into a little stream that snaked through the dog park. All the pups enjoyed getting a cool, clean drink from the stream. As usual, I preferred to play in it.


I couldn’t believe my luck when I looked up and saw a fellow pug taking a drink right from the stream!


And then another pug joined us. And then ANOTHER! The pugs seemed to be multiplying from the other side of the fountain. Was there some kind of cloning machine over there?

I stood up on my hind legs to peer over the fountain and get a closer look…


Guys, you are NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I SAW… (to be continued)


Some days, just going for your afternoon walk requires way too much effort. For Sid, today happened to be one of those days.


I think he may have been partying too late last night.


Or perhaps it was a series of intense dreams that prevented him from getting his normal 12 to 14 hours of shut-eye.


Or maybe this is all just a ploy to get us back home faster so he can get his routine post-walk treat.


Okay, okay, little guy. Let’s get you back home and revive you with some baby carrots!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend! I know we will!