The Waiting

Yoo hoo! Hello, up there! Yeah, it’s me.


Are we gonna go on this walk or what?! I’ve already got my harness on and I’ve been ready to go for like ten minutes.

Let’s step it up, man! Chop, chop!

September Strolling

September weather is the best for strolling.


Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.


Anyone want to join us for a stroll in the park?


Goodnight, Dear Greta

I just wanted to do a little post about a friend of mine from the Idaho Pug Ranch that crossed over the rainbow bridge this week.


Dear Greta -

I never got a chance to meet you in the fur, but I knew you well from all the wonderful stories and photos you shared. I miss you very much. I will never forget your adorable smile and your passion for life and fun. Your family and all your internet friends and fans will also miss you greatly. Although your life was short in years, I know you lived every moment to the fullest. I will remember your great sense of humor, playfulness, and mischief. I think that’s why your mom sometimes refers you as ”Naughty Greta”. I’ll send some pug love to your family because I know their hearts are hurting. Rest in peace, little one.

Pug Love,

Siddhartha Lamont

Tongue Tidbit


Can you see it?!

The past few weeks, I’ve noticed Sid sticks his tongue out more frequently. I’m not sure if it’s commentary on the fact that he is only provided two meals each day by his human (like every other dog!) or just a side-effect of his dental extractions this past Spring. It’s very subtle but not easily missed. I know the “tongue-out look” is pretty prevalant amongst pugs. If you recall, Sid’s lady-friend from Brooklyn, Timothy Buttons (affectionately known as T Buttz) had a pretty huge section of surplus tongue that was out pretty much all the time. I guess Sid is trying it out, but only taking baby steps.

Also, sorry that Sid and I have been MIA for the past couple weeks. I went on a week-long vacation while Sid stayed home and worked on his new nylabone. I’m not sure he missed me very much while I was gone as he was spoiled with lots of baby carrots the whole week. We hope to get back on track with more regular posts and comments.

Bonkers for Basil

An interesting episode took place at Pug Slope HQ the other night, although the bulk of the action destruction took place while I was out to dinner. I think it might be time to resurrect the Sid Cam.

A day prior, I had picked up a new basil plant from Trader Joe’s and plunked it on my window sill so it could bask in the summer sun.


The photo above isn’t my actual plant (image is from, and although mine didn’t look as lush as this particular plant, it still had a good amount of healthy green leaves on it.

Earlier in the evening, Sid kept paying excessive attention to the Basil plant. I thought it was pretty funny because normally he pays no mind to all the houseplants I have strewn around the apartment. Well, in hindsight this should have been  a warning sign because later that night I came home to find the apartment floor and all the dog beds covered in clumps of dirt.


Scattered amongst the soil clumps were a couple remaining basil leaves – partially-chewed of course. As for where the rest of all the leaves, the stems, and the roots all went, there is only one logical explanation:


Yep. Don’t let that sweet, tilted face fool you. Sid is one cold-hearted basil killer.

*** FOOTNOTE:  Of course the first thing I did was search the internet to be sure basil is not toxic to dogs and I was relieved to find it was not. In fact, basil can supply them with “positive mood altering effects” - well whoopee! Too bad sweeping up an apartment full of dirt clumps at midnight on a weeknight didn’t produce any positive mood effects for this human.

Pug Butt


It’s a fact: pug butts are adorable. It’s near impossible to resist the urge to grab ahold of those furry plump haunches and give them a squeeze. Sometimes I have to be content just to sit and stare because any tiny movement I make will…


“Wait, were you going to squeeze my haunches again? You humans are so weird.”

Oops. Busted.

Webcam Wackiness

Just in case you were wondering, this is what happens when you have a pug sitting on your lap during work and suddenly remember that your laptop has a webcam.