Time-travel Tuesday: The Megabed

We here at PugSlope consider ourselves innovators in the realm of dog bed design. In Sid’s two and half year’s with us, he’s gone through probably 30 different bed designs. However, we actually only really purchased like 3 beds, as the 27 others were various combinations of the real dog bed combined with other household objects.

Today I’d like to feature a progression from December 2009 of what we referred to as the Mega-Bed.

Stage 1: The original concept started with a piece of finger-foam from a drum case that I had laying around. I didn’t actually propose Sid use it as a bed, he just noticed it one day, starting nesting, and then just plunked down on it.

Stage 2: A “Snoozzy” bed was added under the foam to create a bolster around the perimeter of the bed. As you guys are probably aware by now, Sid loves to rest his head on bolsters, so this was a well-received upgrade. We also added a pillow case on top because we were worried the direct contact with the foam might bother our bubble-dog‘s already allergy-sensitive skin.


Stage 3: Yes, we kept going! What’s better than a Snoozzy? Why, two, of course! Another Snoozzy, larger than the first, was added to the bottom to create an even more pronounced bolster around the bed’s perimeter. It also added more overall loft to the bed and reminded Sid of powdered donuts. And yes, that is a nyla-bone that Sid is snuggling with in that bottom photo. He considers them his children.

Stage 4: You thought we were done? Guess again. It was time to “go vertical”. We ditched the bottom Snoozzy and replaced it with a rubbermaid bin (very similar to Sid’s current Ela-bed!). Sid’s room-mate, Elly, was also a fan of the Mega-Bed at this stage.

Stage 5: Add a laundry basket? Wait, what?! Okay, we admit we may have lost it at this point. We ditched everything but the foam and pillow case, filled our laundry basket with various pillows and blankets, and then put the foam pad on top. You can also see one of Sid’s blankies peeking out. It is most definitely pink and the patch says “I Love You“. Sid wants me to be clear that we picked that out, not him.

So there you have it. Innovation or sheer lunacy? We’ll let you decide.


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3 Responses to “Time-travel Tuesday: The Megabed”

  1. avatar Noodles Says:

    Oh Sid!
    I am so DEPRIVED!!! I only have 4 beds and two of those are only bedlike! And where do I sleep . . . not on any of them. That is unless I am hanging out in my crate. Sunshine the Cat enjoys them almost more than I do.
    Love Noodles

  2. avatar Payton Says:

    Hi Sid! I’m back from the vet and feeling pretty good…at least now that I finally got some food in my tummy. I will post about it tomorrow and update everyone. Thanks for your Pug Slope juju though, I know it helped! Anyway, I am just loving stage 3. I’m a triple-decker kinda girl, or maybe it’s just the nylabone your chewing on in the pic… Either way, you know I’m totally with you on the need for lots of resting places and bolsters.

  3. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    I vote for innovative lunacy. Scarlet’s pug bed is on top of her own human twin bed along with a variety of pillows and woobies (aka blankies) so she may lounge in her choice of accouterments. We just live in her world.

    Picture #5 is of our favorite Sid pix, love the playdough face 🙂

    Meredith & Scarlet