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Injured Human = More Carrots

Hey all GentlePugs and LadyPugs out there – I learned something new today.

If your human gets injured, you get extra carrots!

Um, hang on. I don’t think I explained that well enough. Let me start over. See, my dad injured his foot over the weekend and now he can’t walk very well. This mean he can’t go on long walks with me, so my brief walks have been supplemented by indoor activities including – my favorite – Baby Carrot Catch!

You all know about my OBSESSION with baby carrots (I mean, just look at my masthead). And you are probably also aware of my other passion which is catching objects in mid-air. Potatoes, tiny frogsraw squeakers, you name it. I can catch ’em all. So this is, by definition, my FAVORITE ACTIVITY OF ALL TIME.

Actually if peanut butter were somehow involved…hmmm.

Anyway, so now, while my dad is in one-leg mode, I have a B.C.C. session at least once a day!

Here’s a little video demonstration so you can gaze upon the awesomeness.


Finally…Some Snow!

Aside from a little dusting back in December, we haven’t had any proper snow here in Chicago. Sid’s first experience with snow was back in 2010 when Brooklyn was hit with an impressive BLIZZARD the day after Christmas. In case you missed Sid’s adventures waddling through the mountains of snow in his rubber footies, it’s been well-documented.

Last winter was a bit of dud snow-wise due to the unusually warm temps.

So it was nice today when we woke up and saw a decent layer of the fluffy white stuff coating the neighborhood.

Check out those tiny pug feet.

Sid enjoyed his walk through Winnemac Park, though the coating of snow seemed to make it more difficult for him to find the EXACT RIGHT SPOT to do his business. After some extended circling, fly-bys, and obsessive sniffing, he did eventually find the prime location.

I’m hoping we get even more snow – it’s the one thing that makes the winter tolerable!

Caption This…

These Four Walls

It’s been so cold here that all attempts of taking photos of Sid outside have been thwarted. The mere thought of exposing my un-gloved hand to the elements, even for a few seconds, sends shivers down my spine. The sun may be shining brightly but don’t let it fool you – this is still the dead of Winter.

Keep Me Warm O Cape of Mine

Sid and I have been spending a lot of time indoors – which for him means sleeping in various beds and for me means puttering. I wish I could take a lesson from Sid and relax more, but I feel that if I’m going to be stuck inside, it is the perfect time to take on a PROJECT. Time to scan all those old photos, weed through the closet and get rid of the old clothes, alphabetize the books, etc.

My problem is not with the coming-up-with-the-project bit – I excel at that – but rather with the staying-focused-on-one-project-until-it-is-finished bit. Sid on the other hand is a real champ when it comes to follow through. When given a Wigzi stuffed with treats and peanut butter, nothing gets in his way until he’s finished (not even a mid-day FEDEX delivery from Mr. Chewy!). The boy can really FOCUS.


Sid and I are getting settled into the new apartment and Sid’s been very helpful with the unpacking. Well, at least the unpacking of HIS stuff.

New Digs

Hey all friends (furry and non-furry) –

Happy New Year!

Sorry I’ve been a little absent from blogging lately. I’d love to say that I’ve just been spending the days playing with my Wigzi but I have actually been busy unpacking and settling into my new home.

Yep, I’m officially a “Chicagoan” now. So far all I know is that Chicago is freakin’ cold and although there’s lots of cool new stuff to sniff and I live a block away from a HUGE park, the major problem is that I HAVEN’T SEEN ANOTHER PUG YET!!!

What gives?! Am I the only pug in Chicago? I mean, when I was crashing with my grandpugrents, I didn’t see any other pugs either, but that was the ‘burbs where every family has a pack of labradors or golden retrievers or aged yorkies (e.g. my cousin, Elly, who hates me for no reason. Oh right, I did eat all her food. Twice.)

Well, I did meet a few neighborhood non-pug dogs and they actually seemed cool. We did some sniff circles and all was right with the world. Though it’s hard to relate sometimes – I mean, you can’t really talk about how it stinks getting your nose flap cleaned out, or how your tail just isn’t as curly as it used to be…*sigh*.

I think I just need to THINK POSITIVE.

On the plus side, I’ve been told that I might be able to change the name of the blog back to PLANET COOL SID (which is the best name ever, right?) because I don’t live in Park Slope anymore. I think my masthead needs some more carrots, too…my belly could also use a few right about now.