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Sid’s Favorite Spot


Even though Sid has two beds of his own (we humans only have one), neither of them is his favorite spot. Instead he always seeks out the stray sweatshirt, or pair of pants left on the floor and plops down right on top. Or, in this case, he finds the pile of dirty clothes on the bed and immerses himself inside.

I think he’d prefer if we chucked out his actual beds and let him sleep in the hamper.

Righty or Lefty?

Sid’s a righty (with a beautiful double-curl I might add!). Which way does you tail curl?

Prospect Park Pug Pile-Up

This Sunday we had a great time at the off-leash hours in Prospect Park. Many of Sid’s pug friends were also in attendance, including his buddy, Eddie.

However the real party was just getting started.

As we, Eddie, and his parents were on our way out of the park, in strolled a familiar face: Winston!

Sid pulled Winston aside and attempted to impart the ancient ways of treat acquisition, while Eddie explained the best technique for face licking.

Almost immediately, in walked another pug friend, Cosmo!

Cosmo started running and everyone else joined in the chase. At this point, it was starting to become difficult to tell everyone apart as they all had on blue harnesses (I think we ended up bringing the right pug home with us).

Of course, Winston ended up being the center of attention.


We can’t wait for next weekend!!!

Playin’ it Cool

With the hot weather starting to reach its peak, it’s very important to keep our little pug buddy comfortable. We keep the A/C on in our apartment (even when he’s just home alone), avoid mid-day walks, and bring our handy kleen kanteen along with a portable nylon water dish when we go to the park for off-leash hours in order to keep Sid thoroughly hydrated.

What tips do you have for keeping your furry friend cool during the summer?

Sid’s Grandma and Grandpa Visit NYC

Sorry the posts have been a bit sporadic this past week – we had some company in town.

My parents came out for their first visit to NYC. Needless to say, we had a lot of ground to cover so every day was pretty much packed with activities. We did manage to squeeze in some Sid time with them and they both got to see our little guy run around like a maniac at the Prospect Park off-leash hours. Go, Sid, go!

Happy Father’s Day

Sid’s got an awesome dad.  He does everything that awesome dads do.  For example…

He teaches Sid the value of hard work:

He establishes fair rules and rewards Sid for good behavior:

He encourages a healthy lifestyle and brings Sid to the vet for regular check-ups:

He isn’t ashamed to carry a pug in a shopping bag, when necessary:

And he’s never too busy for a good snuggle:

Happy Father’s Day, Brian!!  You’re the best!

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Who could say “no” to those eyes?