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What a Pug Loves

After three days of rain and humidity, we woke up Wednesday morning to a clear blue sky. Brian came along on Sid’s morning walk so he could take advantage of the beautiful day.

Sid loves walking with his dad:

No, really, he does:

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Laundry Day

The laundry had been piling up like January snow and today, despite the fact that between me and the laundromat lay 4 avenues of pouring rain, it had to be done. I was in a mad rush to get the laundry sorted before said laundromat sent out the signal for last wash, so I called upon my faithful companion Sid for much needed assistance.

He gave me a “you’ve got to be kidding me” look so I told him I’d make it worth his while. Since he didn’t understand a word of English, I tried again in a language he’d understand – treats. Lots of ’em.

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J.J. Byrne Dog Run Initiation

It was Saturday and everyone was getting restless inside the apartment. The weather was so nice that we decided it’d be the perfect time to take Sid to the nearest dog run and let him “cut loose”. The nearest dog run to Park Slope is at J.J. Byrne Park near 5th Ave and 4th Street. When we got there, a few other small and medium size dogs were already running around and the gate that separated the small dog section from the big dog section was wide open. While Sid is a veteran of Los Angeles dog parks (Pasadena, Silverlake), he had never been allowed to run with the big dogs. Would this be his chance?

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Operation Tupperware

Our apartment is super small and the “kitchen” has limited storage space, so we decided to keep our clean Tupperware on a bookshelf next to the couch, behind the kitchen island that divides the main room.  The Tupperware was housed there for about a month without incident.  Then, one day, I guess the Tupperware caught Sid’s eye.

After a week of coming home to find our Tupperware strewn about the apartment, in Sid’s bed, and in our bed, we set up a webcam to record Sid when he’s home alone. We were hoping the time-lapse footage would answer questions like, “at what point does Sid decide to ransack the Tupperware shelf?” or “what else is he getting in to while we’re gone?” What we learned is that Sid can barely wait for us to leave the house before diving into mischief.  We embed video evidence for your review:

I’ll post more info on the awesome software we used to record the footage in a follow-up post.  Trust me, it’s sweet.

Sid Shower

California Dreamin’


As you may have noticed, I’m slightly obsessed with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. I rely on it way too much, especially when taking photos of Sid. Here are some of my favorite Hipstamatic photos of the Hooth (with special appearances by Elly).

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