But I’m Only 17 Pounds

In the last few months, someone in our family has put on a few extra pounds. The family member in question has a flat face, likes treats, and still has a wart on his muzzle (named “Carl”). Did you guess who?

So yeah, it looks like it’s time for the infamous “Green Bean Diet”. I think the fur on the back of Sid’s neck stands on end any time the “D Word” is uttered. Sid is a smart cookie, though, and I’m certain he tried to bamboozle me when I brought him to the vet last week to pick up some prescriptions and to do a weigh in.

Vet Receptionist: “He’s 17.1 pounds”.

Me: “What the?! No way. He was almost 22 pounds the last time we were here. The scale must not have been zero-ed out or something. Could we try again please?”

Vet Receptionist: “Sure. OK – well, still looks like 17.1 pounds”.

Back Home:

Me: “Alright, Sid, who did you bribe at the vet to rig that scale? And 17 pounds?! C’mon! I don’t think you’ve weighed close to 17 pounds since you were a puppy!”

It’s true. I think the lightest Sid’s ever been under our watch was 18 pounds and he looked extremely slim at that weight. He looks like a fawn bratwurst now so there must have been some problem with that scale. I weighed myself on our home scale and then picked up Sid, and it looks like Sid is more like 24 pounds than 17. Who does he think he can fool?

So for breakfast and dinner now, Sid’s getting 2/3 of his regular food and 1/3 unsalted green beans. Yum!

Much to our surprise, Sid was actually super excited about the green beans. I guess we should have expected it. He has a thing for canned goods. He immediately got up to his usual shenanigans just as I was trying to take a photo of the green bean can.

I think he’ll have no trouble with the green beans as long as we don’t mention the “D Word”.

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7 Responses to “But I’m Only 17 Pounds”

  1. avatar kate Says:

    Sid you have a great manly figure. Tell mom an active pug like you needs to be eating the treats, how else will you get the energy for all of your play sessions and walks

    urban hounds

  2. avatar Meredith LeBlanc ૐ Says:

    Sid. You look awesome. We’re sure the vet’s scale was right. However, more power to ya eating green beans. Scarlet & I are not fans.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. avatar Kb Says:

    I go for the veggies also to fill up my big eaters.
    Sid you look good!

  4. avatar Ellen & Noodle Says:

    My pug, Noodle, loves his green beans! He ‘howls’ when i open the can and does a little dance. In fact, if I try to feed him a bowl of kibble-only he goes on an immediate hunger strike until green beans are added.

  5. avatar Suki Says:

    Hi Sid,

    Oh my goodness, the pictures are great! In the last picture, you and my friend Gracie do the same trick, pull the container closer. Gracie did this at the Love Shack and ranch dressing went all over.

    Enjoy the green beans.


  6. avatar Suzy Says:

    I had no idea your pimple had a name 🙂 Enjoy your green beans, buddy!

  7. avatar BunkThePug Says:

    Don’t let them do this to you, SID! I say you protest at all costs! They are trying to deprive you from food by feeding you food… I see how it works… kind out 😛 I think your wart gives you character!:)

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