Here Comes Trouble…

Step aside, little squirrels – there’s a new toy in town:

Er, Sid, wait – you’ve got it upside down…

Okay, now flip it back over…

No, stop chewing!  This isn’t play-time!  Stop-

Oh, come on!  Don’t cry!  You can go back to playing with your new bone in a second, I just want to get this pic-

No!  Stop looking wistfully at the squirrel – We’re not playing with our squirrels right now!  We are taking a very specific photo of you with your new “Here Comes Trouble” bone, just like the first photo but with the bone right-side-up, and it has the potential to be very, very funny, if you’d just-

Aww, no!  Don’t give up!  Don’t give up on me now!

*Sigh*  Okay.  You win.

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