Acting Nutty

I took Sid out for a walk as usual. And as his usual self, he was being a little bit stubborn and refused to do his business. I took him around another block to see if he would finally cave in but no luck. He just kept sniffing leaves and then moving on.

About five minutes later I noticed him “funny walking”. He did have on a t-shirt, his harness, and collar which sometimes upsets his equilibrium, so I bent down, re-adjusted everything and proceeded to get back to the walk. The funny walking continued. His right-rear leg was not making contact with the ground. I tried to look at his foot to see what was going on but he refused to sit still for a second so I could check him out.

I carried him back to the apartment to get a closer look and his foot pad looked really weird. Jenn said one of his toes had split down the middle. Great – another trip to the vet (Sid must not have been satisfied with November’s multiple visits). Well, I craned in for a closer look and realized the split section was not Sid’s toe but instead a nut shell that was the exact same color and size as Sid’s toe. It had gotten stuck over one of his toes like a little cap. Below is a photo of said nut shell.

The shell just popped right off and Sid was back to normal. Jenn and I breathed a sigh of relief as another potential vet visit had been averted.

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