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We’ve been getting some powerful sun the past few days here at Pug Slope HQ, even first thing in the morning. It’s a nice welcome from all the rain we got earlier this month!


Sid has been getting up extra early in order to have ample time to head-butt his bed over to the most prime sunbathing spot.

The Sunbathing King

Has everybody taken their sunbath today?


Sid, the self-proclaimed “King of Sunbathing”, insists that a daily sunbath is essential to living the complete pug life of leisure (only eating/acquiring treats is more important). He firmly abides by the motto: “Why snore in the shadows, when you can lounge in the light?” I guess I agree with his philosophy – although my fair skin doesn’t handle direct sun exposure very well. I do love the warming effect though, especially since this Midwestern Spring keeps coming and going!

P.S. I also wanted to post a picture of some lovely pink rhododendron flowers I saw over the weekend at the Garfield Park Conservatory (sorry, Sid, pugs were not allowed). These flowers reminded me of Sid’s good pal, Payton the pug, and I’d like to dedicate them to her memory. We miss you, Payton!


Sid’s Spot

This current cold snap hasn’t let up on Chicago and it’s due to continue over the upcoming holiday weekend.


We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope those of you in cold climates (like ours) stay nice and warm. Sid will probably be camped out at his favorite spot at Pug Slope HQ: his overstuffed bolstered bed in the sunniest room, right next to the big radiator. He’s a genius I tell ya.

Finding the Sunny Spot

Although it’s been frigid outside, we’ve been very lucky lately because it’s also been exceptionally sunny. When the sun is out, warming up your face, 19 degrees doesn’t seem so bad. Sid’s been doing his best to track the sun beams as they make their way through the apartment. He flops from his bed to the floor to his second bed to his blanket and back to the floor.

Since we’re due for some more snow and arctic temps this week, we are enjoying the sun while we have it.

Hope you all can find a nice sunny spot to hang out in today!