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Sid the Bouncer

Sid is a stickler for rules.  We always joke that Sid should wear a shirt that says “SECURITY” whenever he goes to the dog park. He apparently has a list of very strict guildelines that he expects all other dogs to abide by – no barking, no chasing, no excessive amounts of fun.  The other day when we were at the J.J. Byrne Dog Run with Lola and Stella Boo McMuffin, two incredibly gentle and well-behaved great danes showed up on the small-dog side of the park, and Sid had an opportunity to step up to the rule-enforcing plate.

Sid had no qualms about standing his ground to save Lola from having fun with these gigantic sweethearts beasts.  It’s obvious that Lola was terrified, right?

Then Sid took it upon himself to escort great dane #2 to the big-dog side of the park.

Somebody get this pug a stool and a flashlight and stick him outside a club!  I think he’s found his calling!

Stella Boo McMuffin’s Pug Slope Welcome Party!

Hey, did you hear the news?  Last weekend, Sid and Lola got to hang out with the fabulous Stella Boo McMuffin, sister of long-time Pug Slope commenter, Eddie the Pug!

Sid and Lola met up with Stella at the J.J. Byrne Dog Run in Park Slope for some afternoon off-leash partying.  Sid and Stella hit it off immediately due to their love of travel – Stella has lived in San Francisco, London, and now Brooklyn!  Another thing they had in common was their love of fancy posin’.

Fancy posin’ over here!

 Fancy posin’ over there!

Lola and Stella really hit it off too…

Lola was thrilled to share her favorite orange ball with Stella.

Yup, Lola was totally fine with this situation.

But, seriously, we had a blast and we hope Sid and Lola helped Stella feel welcome in her new city.  Now, who wants a treat?!

J.J. Byrne Dog Park: Round II

“Are we going to spend another Saturday just sitting around the apartment?” Sid asked me after letting out a big sigh.

Well, I guess he had a point. It was already approaching 11 o’clock on a beautiful fall day and we were not taking full advantage of it – or any advantage of it for that matter. Having lived in Los Angeles for the past 8 years, I’d grown to take days like this for granted – but cold weather was on the horizon so we decided it was time to seize the day and head to the J.J. Byrne Dog Run for another outside off-leash extravaganza.

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J.J. Byrne Dog Run Initiation

It was Saturday and everyone was getting restless inside the apartment. The weather was so nice that we decided it’d be the perfect time to take Sid to the nearest dog run and let him “cut loose”. The nearest dog run to Park Slope is at J.J. Byrne Park near 5th Ave and 4th Street. When we got there, a few other small and medium size dogs were already running around and the gate that separated the small dog section from the big dog section was wide open. While Sid is a veteran of Los Angeles dog parks (Pasadena, Silverlake), he had never been allowed to run with the big dogs. Would this be his chance?

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