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Misty Mornings

Brian and Sid have apparently been waking very early every morning and going to Prospect Park.  Brian claims that he asks me – while I’m sleeping – if I want to go along with them, and that I say “no.”  And then he says that he says, “Are you sure?”  And supposedly I say, “yes.”  Then I wake up two hours later ready to roll and everybody’s already wiped out from all the fun they had in the park.

So, last evening, while I was wide awake, I told Brian that I absolutely wanted him to wake me up for Sid’s morning park time. And what a morning it was!  There was a crazy mist covering the entire long meadow, and the leaves have finally changed into their vibrant fall colors.  We didn’t have the good camera with us, so I whipped out my iPhone and took some Hipstamatics:

Brian and Sid walking near the ball fields.

On the Long Meadow, looking towards the dog beach.

Brian and Sid heading towards the Long Meadow

The mixture of sunlight, morning mist, and fall colors was so lovely that even an ol’ curmudgeon like Sid paused for an extra moment to take it all in:

I’d like to imagine that the expression on Sid’s face in the final photo on the bottom right is Sid having an epiphany about what really matters in life, but it’s more likely him realizing that all of this nature-gazing is delaying his treat time…

Sid Shower


As you may have noticed, I’m slightly obsessed with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. I rely on it way too much, especially when taking photos of Sid. Here are some of my favorite Hipstamatic photos of the Hooth (with special appearances by Elly).

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Pug-nic in the Park!

Last Saturday we woke up and realized that for the first time since we’d arrived in Brooklyn we had absolutely no errands to run.  No trips to Ikea out in Red Hook.  No treks up to the Container Store near Union Square.  No crowded subway rides to the TriBeCa Bed Bath and Beyond.

So what to do?  Picnic in the park, of course!

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