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Fruity Fiesta

Our haul from the grocery store this week was full of fresh fruits of all varieties and of course Sid wanted a piece, or rather several pieces, of the action.

First up, one of Sid’s staples: BLUEBERRIES!


He’s used to catching them in mid-air but was more than happy to plunge his face into a bowl of berries.


Next up, a juicy summer treat: WATERMELON!


Yep, things got messy real quick.


And finally, the sweetest fruit around: MANGO!


If this were a video, you might go deaf from the sound of slurping.


While Sid said he loves all food equally, it seemed clear that mango was the best-tasting of this bunch. Or at least the messiest!


Sid vs. Watermelon

Sid’s 10-step guide to successfully battling a watermelon:

1. Size up your opponent.


2. When striking the first blow, make it a good one.


3. Keep moving and work the angles.


4. Mix in some tiny attacks.


5. Extend yourself for maximum reach.


6. Use all the tools you have available to you.


7. Yes, every tool. Even that one.


8. Keep close to your opponent.


9. Don’t quit until the enemy has been licked!


10. Hold your head high in victory.


Have you battled any watermelons lately? Let us know if you came out the victor!

Watermelon Mania

Despite Sid’s recent weight gain, it’s really hard to resist the urge to spoil him with treats. I mean, it’s not like he just eats treats matter-of-factly. Each treat is THE MOST AWESOME THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE to him. So when my kind neighbor offered me a hunk of watermelon, I just had to give Sid a taste. After all, the poor dude has never had the joy of eating fresh watermelon before.

As soon as the mysterious pink chunk was placed before him, his pug instinct kicked in and he confidently decided it was in fact food and bowed down accordingly before his new watermelon overlord.


Once he got the “OK” to dive in, mayhem soon followed.

Of course the first step was to ditch the dish. At least he was kind enough to continue chowing down in the kitchen instead of carrying his juicy friend onto my bedspread.

It actually took him a lot longer to work his way through the chunk than I had anticipated. The watermelon appeared to alternate between being stuck to the roof of his mouth and being wedged under his tongue.

Watermelon juice started oozing everywhere. Again, thank you, Sid, for staying clear of my bed and the couch. If anything, you’re a courteous glutton.

The chunk eventually met its demise and Sid was ready for more. Unfortunately for him, that was the only TOTALLY AWESOME BEST EVER TREAT he was going to get today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.