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Sid Meet Kit! Kit Meet Sid!

Oh my God, you guys.  We have even more cuteness to share from our trip to Chicago.

Two of Brian’s good friends from college, Nate and Angelica, were in northern Indiana visiting family, and they brought along their amazingly precocious and adorable daughter, Kit (duh, what were they gonna do, leave her at home?).  Since we were in the same general region, Brian, Sid and I took a quick road trip into the Hoosier State so we could hang out with them for the afternoon.

This was really epic for a few reasons:

1.  Despite Sid’s gruff demeanor, he loves meeting kids, especially ones that are super cute and are named Kit.  He even picked out a gift to bring for Kit – a little plush pug in a pink camo purse – and wore his coolest black tee-shirt.

2.  This was the first time we got to meet Kit, too. We also wore our coolest clothes, but we forgot about the whole gift thing so we quickly added our names to the present that Sid brought along when he wasn’t looking.

3.  Kit is very smart and she’s an avid reader of Pug Slope.  For real. She dropped the phrase “Sid Vids” about four or five times while we were hanging out and talked in depth about her favorite videos of Sid, which planets she’d like to visit, and her favorite types of trees (coniferous, obviously).

As you can see from the pics, we had a very long, very chilly , but very ADORABLE walk. We then settled in to Kit’s grandparents’ house for some mulled cider, cookies, and play time.  We all had a blast.

Also, just so there’s no confusion, I’d like to point out that Kit is indeed a human child in a bear suit, and not a bear proper.  Sid, of course, is all pug.